17 Days Diet Challenge – Days 1-3 “BRUTAL!”

Day 1– this is my first day on the 17 Days Diet Challenge. I went to the grocery store and stocked up on fruit and vegetables, mushrooms, brocolli, celery, tomatoes, onions, carrots and lettuce. I hope my vegetable soup taste as good as it looks. For lunch I had the most tasteless salad I everContinue reading “17 Days Diet Challenge – Days 1-3 “BRUTAL!””

17 Days Diet Challenge – “A Road to a Healthy Happy Me!”

The 17 Days Diet Challenge states that I will lose 10-12 lbs. Yes, I heard this before with Atkins then South Beach. I know folks who have lost 10-14 lbs on these programs.  Due to my roller coaster thyroid that requires my medication to change every three months and a stressful toxic relationship, I haven’tContinue reading “17 Days Diet Challenge – “A Road to a Healthy Happy Me!””

Grape and Bean – A Delightful Experience

The Professional has done it again. Who would have thought on this Saturday night I would be indulging in bliss. Nestled deep in the streets of Old Town Alexandria, we arrive to this small brick front restaurant.  I would describe it as a café but has the cuisine and wine selection of a top-rated restaurant.Continue reading “Grape and Bean – A Delightful Experience”

Battonage Transforms Chardonnay

Familia Cassone, Mendoza Argentina     Varietal: 100% Chardonnay Aged 6 months in French Oak with Battonage I have to tell you that I had no intention of writing a review. I see that it is a Chardonnay. Chardonnay is Chardonnay. Then I placed the glass to my lips “OH MY GOD” immediately escaped my lips. THISContinue reading “Battonage Transforms Chardonnay”

Wine… For When Precious Moments Aren’t So Precious

Since my right hand is in a splint, I decided to share a review from 11-11-10. Balgownie Estate Cab Sauvignon, Australian Typically, I don’t taste a wine for the first time feeling stressed and disappointed.  This horrible mood is due to my tween’s behavior. Inhale.. Exhale… I’m trying to calm myself and all I couldContinue reading “Wine… For When Precious Moments Aren’t So Precious”

Join A Real VIP Wine Club

Enjoy some delicious wine and beautiful scenery at Chrysalis Vineyard, Middleburg, VA.       If you love the wines & want continuous enjoyment, join Chrysalis Vineyard’s Wine Club: * Two (2) bottles a month, chosen by the Vineyard, * Free wine tasting for you & three friends, *15% off of purchases, *Free entrance to the jazz andContinue reading “Join A Real VIP Wine Club”