Chateau Trebiac 2010 Graves – Bordeaux Blanc

The first taste of Chateau Trebiac was not impressive. My displeasure was chalked up to the wine was too chilled, I haven’t decompressed from the workday or the wine is just mediocre. Due the mediocrity, I decided the wine is not worth the energy to write about; but it was okay for a twitter mention:).Continue reading “Chateau Trebiac 2010 Graves – Bordeaux Blanc”

Marlborough Region, New Zealand – 2008 Sacred Hill Sauvignon Blanc

Marlborough Region, New Zealand – Sacred Hill Marlborough Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc I love Sauvignon Blanc! Yes, I know I’ve said over and over, “I’m a red wine lover, the boldest, strong tannins, the better”. Well, there are lots of white wines that I also enjoy! One varietal that is Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand’s Sauvignon BlancContinue reading “Marlborough Region, New Zealand – 2008 Sacred Hill Sauvignon Blanc”

A Funky Kind of Day – “And Yes, This is a Wine Review!”

I pull into the driveway and I see my teenage girls taking out the trash. “Hmm… I wonder what they are up to.” Sticking my head out the window and with a half-smile, I say, “Hello Girls.”  I’m ambushed with “THE HOUSE STINKS!” “It smells like (wait for it)…FARTS!” Ugh! I hate that word. TheContinue reading “A Funky Kind of Day – “And Yes, This is a Wine Review!””