A French Elegant Chardonnay Calms the Chills of Frankenstorm

2010 Maison Louis Latour Chardonnay Hurricane Sandy reared her ugly head and caused devastation along the east coast. She also caused deaths and injuries in Jamaica, Cuba and close to home. I never seen or experience anything like Hurricane Sandy (so close to home); subways, tunnels, airports and homes flooded. A family in MD didContinue reading “A French Elegant Chardonnay Calms the Chills of Frankenstorm”

Sophenia Malbec & “Frankenstorm”

Sophenia Malbec & “Frankenstorm” In preparation for Frankenstorm (Hurricane Sandy) that is about to blast the east coast. Meteorologists are calling it the “Perfect Storm”.  I searched through the wine cooler and pull out a bottle of Malbec. 2009 Sophenia Synthesis Malbec, grapey-spicy aromas with ink-like color.  I allowed the wine to breathe for about 10 minutes andContinue reading “Sophenia Malbec & “Frankenstorm””

A San Diego Adventure – “The Hunt for Churchill Wine & Cigar Lounge”

In San Diego, CA on a business trip, I finally get a chance to venture out. It took me 3 days to adjust to the change in time zones and tomorrow, I return back to the east coast. I’m a little nervous about taking the trolley downtown by myself. I put on my big girlContinue reading “A San Diego Adventure – “The Hunt for Churchill Wine & Cigar Lounge””

Celebrating with Pinotage

Today is a day of celebration and indulgence. I completed a week of changing my eating habits.  I’m celebrating a week of no processed foods, no caffeine or wine and I feel fantastic!  Eating clean is a very strict way of living. I’ve decided to eliminate processed foods and eat more fresh fruit, vegetables andContinue reading “Celebrating with Pinotage”