GREAT, GREAT and GREAT! Palermo, Prisoner and Papillon!

Orin Swift It’s Saturday evening and we are at our local wine shop/restaurant, WineStyles. We see the friendly wine distributor, who always makes a comment about “The Professional” resembling Robert DeNiro. We smile…it’s nice to be remembered. Thus far, I’ve collected plenty of white wines for the upcoming warm weather. Yes, it is typical toContinue reading “GREAT, GREAT and GREAT! Palermo, Prisoner and Papillon!”

What Women Do Best, Multi-Tasking: SIPPING and CLEANING!

2011 Ferrari-Carano BELLA LUCE (Sonoma County) Woke up with a headache and to a cold and quiet house, eerie. One teen is at a sleepover and the other, probably working, she’s turning into a workaholic like her mother; nothing wrong with a girl having ambition. I have been lying in this bed for two hours and it’s apparentContinue reading “What Women Do Best, Multi-Tasking: SIPPING and CLEANING!”

Snack Time – 2008 San Roman Toro

Hmm…time for my 4:00pm snack and it has to be 150 calories or less. I chose grapes, red Spanish grapes to be exact. I will be snacking on some Tempranillo, a 2008 San Roman Toro ;). I have no recollection where I purchased or if I previously tasted the wine. I’m going to enjoy thisContinue reading “Snack Time – 2008 San Roman Toro”