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Yes, I believe in signs! God’s ways of speaking to us. Since, he has reunited me with my “other half-my soul mate”, I’ve been inspired, motivated and focused.

In addition to planning my wedding to the Marvelous and Gifted Amoxes (who can be found on Amoxes.fineartsamerica.com and amoxes.deviantart.com; gotta get that plug-in 😁), a long overdue venture that I dreamt about for many years is coming to fruition. A second child (possibly twins) will be born that requires my full attention; for clarification purposes, I’m not pregnant 😊. For these reasons, my wine blog, still my baby, has taken a backseat; however, it is far from being abandoned.

I will continue to share my wine experiences from wines explored from local wine shops and the beautiful Virginia Wine Country. You may also see more of the Canadian Brothers of the Leaf.

In the meantime, enjoy the great information from my Twitter feed that is shared on the blog or follow me on Twitter @Treevinos.

Salute! 🍷