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Welcome to Treevinos.com

Selfie 10-2022WOW! Reading below ABOUT myself from 2012 is surreal. Goodness, life has brought many joys and challenges, which I have no regrets.

So eight years later, I’m still a federal government employee for 33+ years. I’m not a CSW and no longer work at a vineyard.  However, I consider myself a wine and cigar enthusiast and still believe women who smoke cigars are sexy.😍

Due to health reasons, not related to wine and cigars,  I no longer enjoy a glass of wine and cigars on a regular basis. So, I’m passing the wine baton to my adult daughters and having fun introducing them to wines and teaching, “wine tasting is about the experience not just drinking!

My mantra has not change; however, due to life journeys, I have incorporated my mantra-motto and living by the tagline: Love Life and Do What Brings You Joy!  

While adjusting to my new norm and doing what brings me joy, my wine and cigar passion has taken a backseat to home decor.  Hey, if you can’t sip or puff, so decorate.😊

In addition, I have co-authored and published a couple of books that I am very proud of and I encourage you to visit my “Books page. Check out the preview and share; you will not be disappointed! 

My intention is still to entertain and share my experiences while Loving Life and Doing What Bring Me Joy!  



It has been brought to my attention that I’m using Twitter as a blog. Therefore, I’ve taken the advice of my friends and started a blog.  I will warn you, I love to talk and wine is my passion!

Who Am I? I’m a professional working mother of 20+years. My mantra is “Amore Vita”. I escape reality by working at a vineyard for 6+ years and volunteering at wine events. My future goal is to become a CSW – Certified Specialist of Wine. I’m a cigar novice. Woman who smoke cigars are sexy and the men who love them are sexier ;).  You can expect to read about wines, information on a variety’s origin and the tales that surround me, which is why I was given the name BlkLucy.😊

My intent is to entertain and share my wine tasting experience. Hopefully, I will open your mind and interest you to try wines and varieties that are out of your comfort zone.

Remember, wine tasting is about the experience not just drinking! Salute!


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