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“You are the matriarch of your family, so create and maintain traditions and memories.”

by my Beautiful Mother-in-law Annette Grosshans

WARNING: If you’re looking for decorating tips and information on the latest interior design trends that will definitely NOT occur in my blog, far from it!



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It’s all materialistic! My Lauryn-berry Over the years, I noticed when my kids had an accident or did something wrong, as soon as they come to me crying and scared, I was no longer mad. The level of concern and me wanting to calm them increase GREATLY. Like many parents, my mind goes into overdriveContinue reading ““THESE THINGS HAPPEN WHEN YOU HAVE CHILDREN, NO MATTER THE AGE!””

My Inspire Me Home Decor New Product Drops and Secrets

When I started blogging on home decor (11/2019) and searching for home decor Instagram accounts, Farah Merhi, founder and designer of Inspire Me Home Decor, was one of the first Instagram accounts I followed. I was instantly addicted to her home decor products, which can be found on http://www.inspiremehomedecor.com.  I was drawn to Farah’s InstagramContinue reading “My Inspire Me Home Decor New Product Drops and Secrets”

How Many Layouts Does it take to Achieve the Perfect Design?

If Only I Knew… How many times have you moved furniture around to acquire the layout that welcomes others and offers the optimum conversation? For me, a lot less than tablescaping.  I’m good at rearranging my living room and bedroom. BUT, when it comes to tablescaping that’s another story. YIKES! 😣 To improve this unpleasantContinue reading “How Many Layouts Does it take to Achieve the Perfect Design?”

What is Juneteenth?

“My humanity is bound up in yours, for we can only be human together.” Desmond Tutu, South African Anglican cleric, Nobel Peace Price, humanitarian… I wasn’t planning to do a blog on this topic. It is June 23rd, four days after June 19th and the celebration- meaning of this date is still on my mind.Continue reading “What is Juneteenth?”

“Look at Me, Aren’t I Grand!”

I’m obsessed with Anthropologie’s “Gleaming Primose Mirror”. Have you ever purchased an item without having an idea for its use?
Have you ever designed a room around one piece of furniture or decor item? …


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