Fall in August

Fall is Proof That Change is Beautiful!

– Anonymous

Yes, it is August and Fall is on the brain. I blame it on the wet, humid and swampy weather. As soon as the weather hit 80 degrees in August that was my sign. Time for Fall! 

Quick Question:  Am I the only one that buys new fall decor every year? Why isn’t last year’s decor sufficient? They were great and did the job well last year.

To my defense, the new fall decor purchases are justified; they are needed for my new sunroom. Naturally, some new decor pieces spilled inside the house. 😬

Also, I feel the stores dictate when we decorate for the seasons. If we wait to September or October, there will be “slim pickings”. I went to Hobby Lobby, (I know I know… my daughter already scolded me, mom you can not shop there, they do not support the LGBTQ 🏳️‍🌈 community.)  Hobby Lobby’s fall decorations were 40 percent off and they were preparing for Christmas. YUP, Christmas in August! 😳 Guess what I purchased? Two summer table runners that was 70 percent off, totally $10.20. 🤩

Next stop was Michael’s, which surprises me that they are still in business. No matter when I visit this store, there are a handful of customers.  UGH! I came here for sunflowers and the florals are appearing cheaply made, which I assume is why they are on sale from $4.99. No matter how gentle, every time I retrieve a bouquet from the basket/ tub, the leaves or flower tops fall off. 🤦🏾‍♀️ You should have seen the floor, a mess, covered with leaves. I need eight bouquets. So, I grabbed the fallen leaves and toppers, off the floor, and placed them in the cart. 🙄 I rather pay extra money on florals from IMHD 😬 than deal with mess.

Thus far, I am pleased with this year’s fall decor. I am contemplating my plate selection and will be adding pumpkins later.

I do not own the rights to this sounds that makes me laugh out loud!

Here is a peak of the sunroom’s fall decor, with a touch of halloween for the daughter.

Well, the 80 degrees temperature is a thing of the past. We have returned to the 90 plus degrees humid weather. Regardless, when the kids return to school, summer has ended and it is the beginning of fall. 🌻

Thank you for visiting my blog!🌻 You know what to do;

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