Am I Delusional? The Great Design Idea

The Great Design Idea

There is always something, Goodness! πŸ™„ I have these great design and decor ideas for my patio. Just like that, realization hit that the size of my patio does not match the image in my head. πŸ˜‘

Imagine a warm, not too hot, summer day, surrounded by family and friends. Everyone eating, drinking and laughing at a dining table adorned with beautiful tableware and linens. The day winds down, the evening is cool and everyone is conversing and relaxing around the fire pit. Yes, such a great vision. A seating area with a fire pit table and a dining set at the opposite end of the patio. 

What Caught My Eye – Conversation Sets

Feng Shui?

Of course, there is a wrinkle, a deep wrinkle in my vision. My patio is a rectangle; it is not as wide as it appeared on the contractor’s plan AND inside of my head.😟 While observing the space, trying to reconfigure the design layout, and thoughts of β€œThere must be free flow to enter and exit the space.” “Make sure people are able freely enter and exit.” Is this a Feng Shui thing? What do I know about Feng Shui? Not a DANG thing! What I do know, the thought of blocking the walkway makes me uneasy. I need to get over it and JUST DO IT! 😳

I placed the patio table for sizing. The table will be donated to my local Habitat for Humanity Restore store.

Outdoor Dining

New design plan. I will have a six seating dining table with no conversation area. The dining table set will serve as the conversation area.  Problem solved! Now, time to find a dining set.

I did not think I was into picnic tables, but I am feeling β€œblessthisnestblog’s” picnic table and wicker chairs. After researching, this is another bust! The table is from World Market and the reviews are not to my satisfaction (3 stars); complaints of warping.

Sectionals are my least favorite piece of furniture, unless it is very large. A sectional dining table with elbows bumping and legs touching (unless it’s with someone you fancy πŸ˜‰) sounds like an horrible dining experience.

Now, if it is only 4 to 5 people, around the table, it is doable. However, when I saw this sectional, I got tingles.😍 The color is perfect. So, I hurried outside to measure and became very confused. The dimensions are 102.76” x 96.85” x 29.33”. What is 96 inches? The length of sectional is 102”. Are they saying the table is 96 inches? I am going to assume, yes.

Another Bust! The reviews are not good. People loved the sectional. However, they complained that it can take up to 4 days for cushions to dry out, if left out in the rain and that is during light showers. Since my patio area is not covered, the search continues.

Time to Refocus and Find Inspiration. 

Here is a peak from my outdoor patio Pinterest board. Trust me, I will be measuring, twice, before purchasing any new outdoor furniture.

My ultimate favorite is West Elm’s Portside dining set (chairs, $799 set of 2 and dining table $1,599).

Whoever is the furniture stylist for Studio McGee needs to get an award! This Studio McGee Elowyn outdoor dining vignette! πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½ Another dining set that took my breath away. Again, I am struggling with the price tag. But Why! I have no issue dropping 2K on a handbag. But, my stomach hurts when it comes to paying this much money for 4 chairs ($550.00 for one chair). I just need to get over it!  (Repeat until I believe it πŸ™ƒ) Guys, it is so difficult to find an outdoor dining set that I love and cost no more than $1K! πŸ™

It is time to get off website and head over to their Target collection, the broke-mediocre furniture that IS in my budget. πŸ™„

While exiting the website, out of curiosity, I selected the outdoor collection and HOLY MOLY!! πŸ˜³πŸ’– Time to get out the credit card out! 😬

OBSESSED! Frontgate’s “Isola 7-pc. Round Dining Set in Weathered Finish,” which checked all the boxes (especially the color scheme) but one; the price box. Hurry, this cozy quaint dining set is on sale for $3,696.00.

Drum Roll! 

You are going to laugh! 🀣 The first outdoor dining set that I had my eye on since last year, is the dining set, I purchased.πŸ₯΄ At first, I felt Home Depot Hampton Bay Haymont dining set was too much brown. However, while browsing other sites, I continuously found myself admiring the set. I had some regret when the dining set was out of stock.

One evening, I was looking for Memorial Day deals on mulch and saw the dining set was available and on sale. Immediately, I ordered the dining set and paid only $1,399.00 (yes, it’s over my $1K budget but, not by much.) Currently, the dining set is $1,819.00. It is going to look great on my patio!

Haymont 7-Piece Steel Wicker Outdoor Dining Patio Set with Beige Cushions

Lesson Learned: Stop second guessing yourself and go with your gut! It will not let you down and will save you lots of time. πŸ₯΄

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Be Safe! πŸ’–

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