“Wrench, Where Have You Been All My Life!”

Find Joy in the Little Things!

I heard it from somewhere

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Hampton Bay Outdoor Dining Set

Assembling Time!

As you can see from my smile, the table assembly was a breeze.

Design Plan

“Wrench, where have you been all my life!”

When I saw I had to use a wrench to assemble the dining chairs, my nerves began to rattle. Once I started, the wrench is the best tool EVER! Manufacturers need to get rid of that L tool that barely fits in the grooves and slips out all the time. Not to mention, it hurts your fingers when tightening. Can you tell I dislike the L tool (I have no idea of the proper name). 😬 Why isn’t all furniture assembled with a wrench; it makes life so much easier! 

All Done!

Love these chairs!

I’m in Love!

Home Depot Hampton Bay Outdoor Dining Set

Time to Entertain! Stay Tune!

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