Backyard Oasis – It’s a Process

“A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes SWEAT, DETERMINATION and HARD WORK!”

Colin Powell

Fifteen hundred dollars later for a stone paver walkway and mulch around the patio, which is bargain compared to a quote I received for $3,200. The walkway did not match my vision. After receiving a $750 quote to extend the patio to the side door that is approximately 28 inches, I was SHOOKETH.

I sent my adult children and their dad a message, informing we are getting in the landscaping business. Determination set-in and I was quickly reminded, “What happened to saving money?” My confidence meter surged and I am determined to wake-up the handy-dandy Tree, put on the gloves and start creating.

patio after heavy downpours

The sensible side of my conscious reminded me, “BE PATIENT! Creating your backyard oasis is a process and you have just begun.” You are going to hear me say this over and over: one of the traits of a Libra woman is indecisiveness, which is so frustrating. When I try to combat this characteristic, I then become obsessive and regret my decision. UGH! 🙄 This is where I am now; obsessing over landscape design and scouring through Pinterest. Rocks, pavers, stone, concrete …. consumes my thoughts, throughout the day and evening.

Following is my inspiration and a peak inside my landscaping Pinterest board for my backyard oasis (entrance into the backyard). In order to acquire my backyard oasis, I will need to learn how to lay concrete if I want to save money. HAHAHAHA🤣 I AM DETERMINED! Plus, I received two concrete quotes $4,000 and $7,000; so, yes I am DETERMINED! 😬

All images are from Pinterest.

When I found this woman on YouTube laying concrete, the confidence meter surged higher and I exclaimed, I CAN DO THAT!

When the moments of doubt emerge, optimism kicks-in and remind me, “If pouring slab of concrete is too overwhelming, you know you can create a walkway with one of those concrete molds.

image from Pinterest

Like I said, I have been obsessing over Pinterest and had to share this Pinterest post: “How we created our dream backyard” by Geebungalow; published on October 30, 2021:

How we created our dream backyard! (And how you can too!)

  1. Get clear on your vision – Create a mood board of the types of garden spaces and elements you love. You don’t have to exactly replicate a space, you can take elements you love from a lot of different spaces! Once you know the things you can’t live without it will make it a lot easier to price and plan your materials
  2. Measure the space! – It’s important to know how much space you have to work with. Be sure to measure each area and write it down so you don’t forget! (In my case, double measure😋 )
  3. Sketch or plan it out! – It’s up to you if we prefer drawing on paper or using a program like photoshop or canva but start to draw out all the elements you want so you can see how it all works together
  4. Figure out what you may need professional help with – We did all of the garden ourselves except for the structural parts which were the concrete slab and concrete footings for the retaining wall.
  5. Price up your materials! – Now that you have clear measurements it shouldn’t be too hard to price up all your materials! This will not only help you understand the cost of your projects but will minimize waste by over ordering
  6. Get started! – There are heaps of tutorials online for almost anything you can imagine so if you’re willing to give something a go you can find someone online willing to teach you!
  7. Have fun! – Our garden took us months to complete in between working full time, don’t put too much pressure on yourself to finish it in a certain time frame


Boy-oh-boy, there most definitely will be a lot of fun, laughter, frustration tackling this project on my own and with the help of my children; they just do not know it yet. 😜

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