Everything is in the Details

“It’s the little things that make life Wonderful!”


Time to place the finishing touches on my screen porch. OH MY GOODNESS! HomeGoods’ potpourri smells Heavenly! I want my home engulfed in this scent; for now, I will settle for the screen porch and the family room. I am, surprisingly, satisfied with this tablescaping.

screen porch tablescaping

The girls talked their brother out of bringing the concrete table from out of the garage to the screen porch. “Mom, don’t! It’s going to be too crowded!” Since, I have a habit of cluttering, I value their opinion. 😋 The plan was to place the ottoman on the side of the chair and retrieve it, when needed. Now, the ottoman is serving as the coffee table.

It’s the little details that ties a space together and I love the outcome! Now, where should I place the citronella candle? 🥴

What I Bought versus How I Styled It!

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This is the shortest blog I’ve written. 😋

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