“You’re Always Happy!”

Happiness is (a) a state of well-being and contentment: joy; (b) a pleasurable or satisfying experience.


“You’re Always Happy”

A colleague said to me, “You’re always happy. How do you do it?” I was surprised and my immediate response was, “I am happy. I have days when I am not feeling 100%. But overall, I am happy.” 😋

So days later, when my ex (my girls dad) sent a YouTube video of Eartha Kitt in our family message group. He captioned the video message with this is your mom and “she’s right though!!”

I was not a stranger to the video. If you have not seen the interview, I encourage you to watch (2:55 minutes).

The Lovely Eartha Kitt Defending Herself and Not Comprising!

Boy oh boy, there is so much to say about this video. I will not dissect it now, however, I will focus on the self-love portion.

Eartha: “When you fall in love, what is there to comprise about?!”

Interviewer: Isn’t love a union between two people? (Me: Hundred percent!)

The Interviewer continued, “or does Eartha fall in love with herself?

Eartha analyzing the question and responded, “… Yes, I fall in love with myself and I want someone to share it with me.” “I want someone to share me with me.

My observation is her self-love was not always there, it did not occur overnight. I felt she was defending herself, defending her reason for loving herself and applying value on her self-love that would not be comprised! My belief, if you do not love yourself, how can you love another.

Who is Eartha Kitt? What I know is she was a singer and actor, who’s face and voice grace my home, since childhood. Following is a snippet of her life and career:

The lovely Eartha Kitt was born Eartha Mae Keith on January 17, 1927. Eartha’s father is Caucasian and her mother is African-American and Cherokee. She was abandoned by her mother, mistreated by her relatives and teased for being of mixed race. She spoke four languages: English, German, Dutch, and French. In 1950, she was discovered, in Europe, by actor-director Orson Welles. Orson Wells gave Eartha her first starring role as “Helen of Troy” in his production of “Dr. Faustus.”

She released her first album in 1954, which included the well-renowned classics “C’est Si Bon,” and “Santa Baby.”

If you are around my age or a DC and Marvel comics geek, you are aware that Eartha Kitt played “Catwoman” in the Batman TV series with Adam West, which I watch to this day on the “H&I” channel. 😬

In the 1960, Eartha Kitt married Bill McDonald, a Korean war veteran and accountant. They divorced in 1963, the grounds were described as “mental cruelty.”

In 1968, she offended Lady Bird Johnson during a luncheon at the White House. She shared her thoughts on the Vietnam War and said, “You send the best of this country off to be shot and maimed. No wonder the kids rebel and take pot.” Of course, she became unpopular and spend several years performing internationally.

She maintained a busy work schedule into her 70s. In 2000, Eartha Kitt received a Tony Award nomination for performing in the play “The Wild Party.” She also received a Daytime Emmy Award for her vocal performance in “The Emperor’s New School,” a children series.

Eartha Kitt passed away on December 25, 2008 from colon cancer. May peace be with her.

References: Biography.com, Eartha Kitt and The Tragic Real-Life Story of Earth Kitt by The Grunge.

Love and Happiness

The Ex trying to be a smart azz, when sending the video, triggered me. In the above text message, I hearted his message and responded with, “LOVE IT!♥️” “Comprise myself and peace of mind, NOPE!” He gave my response a “thumbs up.” 😋

Yes, I love myself and treasure my peace of mind and joy! Also, I refuse to comprise what I worked so hard to acquire, my growth!

I believe a partner should enhance you, not comprise you. At my age and three marriages under my belt. YUP, at 56, I have been married three times. (#1 – High school sweethearts, got married after high school-way too young, my son’s father and one of my best friends♥️; #2 – My girls and son dad, 16 years- the marriage couldn’t survive his midlife crisis, the Ex who think he’s funny🙄 and yes, friends with him too; and #3 – Just like in the movie Encanto, “we don’t talk about Bruno—” Well, we don’t talk about #3;” if you know, then you know) Do I have regrets? NOT AT ALL! It is my life, it created the woman I am today and I LOVE HER! ♥️

Y’all! I do not know what energy I am putting out in the universe. Days after writing this blog, why did Ex #1 call, reminiscing and asked what happened to us? I was flabbergasted! 😧 That story is for another day, another blog, a book …

Puerto Rico, January 2021

This is My Happiness!

Family Winter Getaway – Dec 2021

I’m living the next half of my life in peace and “Doing What Brings Me Joy!”

First and second rows beach pics: location Puerto Rico. Last row: location Hawaii. Don’t let the scuba diving picture fool you; I thought I was going to lose my life. I will never do it again. 🤣

My mother feels when my daughter leaves the house and I officially become an empty nester, I will be lonely. “THE HELL I AM!”

I will share, after number 3 it has been a while since I had the company of the opposite sex, which was perfect since we were in the middle of a pandemic. Most importantly, my primary focus was on my health (physically and mentally), faith and family. Since we are at the end the COVID-19 pandemic, I guesssss it is time for me to get out there and find someone to share me with me, “casually.” 😬 You know I will share my journey with you!

I will leave you with some positivity from Zoe Saldana, check out this video. LOVE IT! 💖

Don’t let the behavior of others destroy your inner peace.

Dalai Lama

You know what to do,

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Have a Fantastic Day and Be Safe! 😋

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