Turning Lemons Into Lemonade 

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade and add a splash of “something something” if you like”. 😋


Just Some Hiccups!

Target’s Studio McGee Midway chair was a beast to assemble. Everything was going well, until I got to the second chair. Due to the front leg being bent, the frame would not connect to the leg. I ventured forward and the assembling of the Midway sofa was a breeze! And the hiccups continued… 😖

Midway Chair Assembling. I do not own the rights to the music.
Target’s Midway sofa. I do not own the right to the music.

OH VEY! 🤦🏾‍♀️

Egg chair from Target.

Target Studio McGee Midway Ottoman

Vow to myself: This is the last time I’m assembling furniture.


You see the space around the table in the below planner images; there is decent enough room to enter and exit, right?

Well … that “decent enough” space no longer exist. I did not take into account the screen porch framing and the movement is limited. The patio furniture, in the above layouts, does not fit, accordingly to the handy-dandy Target planner. 🤦🏾‍♀️  (UGH, there is no reason for sarcasm, the error was not made by Target’s planner.)

Observing the building of the porch, I had a feeling the furniture would not fit the space. Even though, I am still disappointed. 😫

The coffee table, which was also purchased from Target is a big round concrete table. There is no way the table is fitting on the porch with the planned layout. 

photo courtesy of Target.com

Time to Enact Plan B!

Coffee table and matching side table are moving to the stone patio, which sucks because I wanted to place a group seating with a fireplace table on the patio. Okay, Tresa keep thinking. Another option that just came to mind is to place the coffee table near the pool seating. Hmmm…. that may work. However, my concern is the table being near the pool and the chlorine water staining the table.

I am still finding it hard to believe I was so off on my planing measurements. 

My eyes keep glancing up at the Midway patio furniture; it looks so much better in person. Shoot! it looks better on porch than it did inside Target  The porch is an excellent extension from the living room and dining room decor; bringing a “touch of glam” and classic to the outdoors. 

Knocking Knees

On a beautiful Spring-like day, I am sitting in the egg chair, which is very comfortable, foot swinging to Beastie Boys “Fight For Your Right,” which is blasting on the radio. This is why I had to decorate the porch before it is 100% complete (sliding door is delayed). I LOVE SPRING! Right not, my attention is on the sofa. YUP, we most definitely will be knocking knees!

Black rod represents the edge of the patio sofa. The rug is upside down to remove the curling.


Due to the family room furniture fiasco (check-outFamily Room Tingles” post), my oldest daughter continuously asked, “Did you measure right?“  “Yes, I used Target’s planner and entered in the measurements,” I replied. In addition, every time she asked, I shared the most recent plan design. 

Looking forward for her to see the porch and furniture in person. This will definitely be a moment where the roles are reversed and I am going to hear from the rooftops, “I knew it, I told you so!” 🙄

gif courtesy of Apple iPhone #images

My youngest daughter and mother said from the beginning, “Don’t clutter the space.” WELL, IT MOST DEFINITELY IS CLUTTERED! 

While writing this blog, I received a call from my mother and I had to give a quick reveal. Her immediate response, “Tree, I like it!” It looks so nice!” A+ for me and I have not added the finishing touches. When I told her I was adding a sofa, my A+ went to a C- (borderline D). “OH NO! The space is too small! It’s not going to fit!”  I agreed, but I will not give up and will find a solution. 

Time to review the many planner layouts and search for the ideal layout that allows for the most space around the furniture. 

I remeasured the porch and the measurements are (116”X132”). As previously mentioned, the blueprint has 10’x12’ (120”x144”). Due to framing, I lost 4” on the side and approximately a foot in the front, HOW! 😳 

The word “player” should read “planner”.


The “real” measurements were entered into Target’s room planner to see how much legroom I have with the furniture and WOWZER, very little!

My youngest daughter does not like the egg chair next to the black Midway chair and wants to eliminate the second Midway chair. “Use it as back-up or place it on the patio,” she suggested. My oldest daughter does not mind the Egg chair next to the Midway . She recommended getting rid of the ottoman and exclaimed, “For Dear God, please do not put them diagonally!”  In her mind, everything must be in order, in straight lines; if not, it is out of balance. 

Final layout

Lemonade Anyone?

Oh yeah, I showed my oldest the coffee table that is still in the garage. She laughed, “You’re concern about that baby coffee table.”  Taking a second look, it is pretty small, which is perfect for the porch. As for the ottoman, it will serve as a side table when not used for resting.

Here I was spazzing over the rug, when I should have been working on having some patience and wait to purchase patio furniture until the screen porch was finish.

Optimism has won and I am making lemonade out these lemons.  🍋  (hmmm… lemon that is a good word for WORDLE.) 😜 

It’s not lemonade but just as nice!

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Have a Fantastic Day and Be Safe! 🌸

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