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My son is moving. So, I did what most parents do, dump their old furniture onto their children. Plus, we are helping them save money. 

The wheels are turning, more like spinning and barking on an “out of control” level.  This is a perfect opportunity for me to get new family room furniture; OR do I purchase new living room furniture and place the old living room furniture downstairs, which is Italian leather in Ivory?  Now, if my girls were in high school or younger, this would be a HUGE “NO! Are you crazy!”   

photo of living room

They, who are now in there early 20’s, including friends, broke the ottoman (the middle sinks in) and the current sectional’s, corner piece, wood support broke, I refused to replace it. On a good note, they weren’t any spill on the sectional. If they did spill something, they cleaned it up very well. Check out my last blog on my daughter trying to clean-up a carpet spill. It is HILARIOUS! ).

photo of old family room furniture and the broke ottoman
photo of old family room

The Hunt

The hunt is on! Indecisiveness stills plague me, on which room should receive new furniture. The kids, including my son, quickly agreed to replace the family room furniture. My son feels the living room furniture is too nice for the family room and not for lounging. Even though, I agreed, deep down I want to replace the living room furniture, which is 10 years old and in great condition.

So, like I with every redecorating project, I spend days, weeks and lots of hours spent on Pinterest, Wayfair and all Wayfair sister sites (Joss & Main, All Modern and Perigold). While on Pinterest, Ashley furniture kept popping up and their prices were approximately $500 less than the online stores. Ashley Furniture it is!

Time for Shopping 

I never bought anything from Ashley Furniture; the sectionals that caught my eye online was the Rawcliff and Enola. 

Courtesy of Ashley Furniture
Courtesy of Ashley Furniture

I brought my daughter with me because (1) I have difficulty making decisions (it’s a Libra thing 😁) and (2) this is primarily their space, so I want something that will be comfortable for the girls and their friends. Also, my daughter accompanied me because she knew I would select a firm sectional. I so dislike sitting on a sofa or chair and feel like I am sink.  The extra large “pouf” couches that looks like beds are not for me; not my cup of tea. Plus, it invites guests to put their feet up on the furniture. Eww! 

Sorry, Sorry, I digress.  

We entered Ashley and as soon as I saw the Rawcliffe, I LOVED IT! Inside, I was jumping up and down exclaiming “I want it! I want it!” My daughter was surprised because the cushions weren’t firm and there was some sinkage, but not too much.

The salesman “Juan Carlos”, who was great, showed us the Enola and few others sectionals; none gave me the “tingles” like the Rawcliff!”  Ring him up, he’s coming home with me! Since, I was paying in full, I received an extra 20% off and Rawcliffe only cost me $2,300. For a sectional of this size, I saved myself $1,000. WOO-HOO! 💃🏾

While my daughter and I was walking out of Ashley Furniture, we took one last look at Rawcliffe and I said, “I hope this fits our family room.” You should have seen the look on her face. LOL (fingers crossed)

my IG post; excuse the typo

Delivery Disaster 

Don’t you love when a company uses the word “may”. “We may be able to get it to you on Saturday;” three days after the rescheduled date. I lost it! After speaking to a supervisor and threatening to cancel the order, the furniture was delivered as scheduled.

My delivery was cancelled twice (truck broke down, and scheduling errors-trucks were too full to include my furniture).  Am I on “Candid Camera? Am I being punked?” 

STAY TUNED for the reveal blog: Impulses are good… sometimes. YUP! 😬

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