Our Charlie Brown Christmas!

Christmas shopping was completed weeks before Christmas. As for Christmas decorating (100%) the inside of my home that is another story.  If you do not follow me on Instagram, which you should 😬. I am renovating my home and Christmas boxes, which are in the garage, are blocked with old living room furniture and old decor boxes. Access to the Christmas tree and decorations would require emptying one side of the garage and THAT IS NOT OCCURRING! In addition, I had surgery and received medical clearance on December 23, 2020, to workout WOO-HOO! With the girls’ work and school schedules and my limitations, it is just not feasible. So, here is video and pictures of our Christmas tree and home from 2019.  

I know the girls are no longer little (currently in their 20s), an eight foot tree is not needed. However, I enjoyed having a large tree with our Angel that has graced the top of our tree since the girls were little, decorate my home and display our Christmas spirit. 

There are little touches of Christmas decorations that decorated tables with items that I picked up during my Home Goods and Inspire Me! Home Decor shopping excursions.

Regardless of my restrictions, attempts were made to gain access to the Christmas boxes. The thought crossed my mind, “Just buy new a Christmas tree and decorations.” The girls also made the same suggestion. At the moment, I refused. The decorations from last year were new, bought in 2019 when I changed the tree color and I did not want to buy additional decorations. 

However, I agreed to purchase a small three to four feet tree to place on top of the coffee table; it was definitely large enough. My youngest said, “ Yes, get a small tree and we can place presents around it, on the coffee table.” It was agreed; we will have a tabletop tree and this should be an easy find. HA!

For days, I searched Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart, Michael’s, and Target websites. A tree under 5 feet tall was not available until after Christmas.  For $79.00, Home Depot had a front door tree in a planter. It was unanimous, “EW, this will not worked!”

There was light at the end of the tunnel. On Target’s website, I found a white 26” tree. I pulled out my tape measure and thought, “This would be fine.” WOO-HOO, the tree was only $10.00. I found a bargain, I thought.😋 I immediately purchased and scheduled the tree for pick-up.  Before going to the customer service desk, I wanted to see if Target had blue lights. What did I see, a row of mini tabletop Christmas trees. My daughter could not contain herself and erupted in laughter. First, I felt disappointment then I could not help myself and I also laughed out loud. 😂 

My daughter said, “ I wished we went to the Customer Service desk, first. I would have love to seen your face when they brought out the miniature tree.”  Our laughter continued. 😂

We had no lights on the outside of the house (the Christmas Lighting Company, I found online did not respond after 2 emails, after submitting pics of my home. I guess my house is not big enough.) I was able to gain access to signs, a storage bin that contain outdoor decorations and container of blue and silver and blue Christmas balls. During the day, the front door was pleasantly decorated; better than nothing at all. But not as good as the last 2 years “Shooting Star’ light design, I created.

Christmas 2020 front door decor and yes that is a Harvest door mat. Totally forgot a doormat was needed. Oh well! 😀
These dang lights gave me a headache in 2019

On Christmas Eve, we visited Walmart to purchase baking ingredients. I said, “I want to check in the back for blue lights for next year.”  GUESS WHAT WE FOUND! A wall filled with Christmas tree in various sizes, 3 feet and up. My mouth was hanging open; I couldn’t believe it! I exclaimed, “Walmart, needs to update their website!”

Filled with Joy, smiling ear to ear, we selected a 6.5 pre-lit white Christmas tree. Yes, we, originally agreed on a tabletop, but the white tree, which was a first for us and it was beautiful. In the past, I never looked at a white tree. We then scoured the semi-empty disheveled shelves for silver and blue decorations. We found silver beads garland, six silver holly pics that I picked off the red sponge holly and a silver star. 

Since we were unable to find ornaments hooks, the ornaments balls had to be lightly placed/stuck on the tree to prevent them from rolling off. This triggered lots of  laughter, watching me repeatedly place and chase ornaments. OH VEY!

Even though, our Christmas did not look like the past, we possessed the Christmas spirit and our Charlie Brown Christmas had been a joyous holiday!  We truly had a White Christmas.

December 25, 2020 – There was no accumulation, but it was beautiful.

Two days after Christmas, my youngest said this has been one of the best Christmas’ and she loved our Charlie Brown Christmas. 🥰

I hope you had a Merry Christmas! Wishing you and your family Happy and Safe Holidays! 🤶🏽🎄❄️

image courtesy of wallpaperaccess.com

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