Everything is in the Details

“It’s the little things that make life Wonderful!” Anonymous Time to place the finishing touches on my screen porch. OH MY GOODNESS! HomeGoods’ potpourri smells Heavenly! I want my home engulfed in this scent; for now, I will settle for the screen porch and the family room. I am, surprisingly, satisfied with this tablescaping. TheContinue reading “Everything is in the Details”

“Shopping and Feeling Free as a Bird!”

“Your wings already exist. All you have to do is fly!” anonymous yeah, adding a quote to my blog is a new thing I’m trying and I like it, thus far. Since Virginia lifted the mandatory mask wearing, I receive stares for still wearing a mask. The one day, I did not wear a mask,Continue reading ““Shopping and Feeling Free as a Bird!””

Retail Therapy and Riddles

It felt so good to visit Home Goods; they reopened in Northern Virginia on June 8th. On Tuesday, June 9th, I saw the announcement of the store opening, which we were originally told would be open on June 15th. I quickly informed my daughter of the news and plans were made to visit the storeContinue reading “Retail Therapy and Riddles”