“Shopping and Feeling Free as a Bird!”

Your wings already exist. All you have to do is fly!”


yeah, adding a quote to my blog is a new thing I’m trying and I like it, thus far.

Since Virginia lifted the mandatory mask wearing, I receive stares for still wearing a mask. The one day, I did not wear a mask, I received glares; go figure. In addition to the stares, my anxiety was on full-force. I was so paranoid and realized wearing a mask has become a security blanket. 

It was not until I noticed that I did not get sick (knock on wood) in 2020. So, folks stare all you want! Vaccinated or not, this “Chica” will be wearing a mask, when shopping, with my head held high!

selfie emoji

My girls were away for the weekend and I feel free as bird.  The only obligation I had this weekend was ZERO! On my to-do list was finish shopping for my daughter’s office/guest room, put together the desk and futon and hang wall decor. 


I am on the hunt for a rattan chair, for my daughter’s desk and home accessories. The search began online but I became too inpatient to wait for items to come in stock, wait for shipping and bargain hunting. So, I am out here in the streets, “free as a bird!”. First stop, Home Sense and second stop to Home Goods. The great thing about this shopping day is the stores are all located within 10 minutes of each other.

Here are some goodies that caught my eye from Home Sense and Home Goods

Store: Home Sense – I love this table. But I remained focused and kept moving.
Home Sense

During the second round at Home Sense, I found some beautiful ivory ottomans. The buttoned ottoman did not quite fit my daughter’s home decor. But, the color is right. If they do not work, they will look great in my remodeled guest room (daughter’s old room).

YUP, purchased the clock for myself!

More Home Goods store Finds. I love these woman artworks. They will look lovely in a bedroom or bathroom and that rocking chair! 🥰

Home Goods Store Finds

A desk chair was not found, but I did find this beautiful white-washed cabinet, wicker basket and other household items from Home Goods.

Store Finds

It is still daylight! Third stop was to World Market, same shopping center. World Market had some desk lamps on clearance, nothing that matched the decor I was creating. While browsing, I carried around the “Eat Beautiful” cooking book not wanting to leave empty handed; I left empty handed.

The next morning, before heading to my daughter’s home to unload and decorate, I made one last stop to “At Home.” Online, I saw a chair that may work perfectly with the office desk. GUESS What? It did!

Am I the only one who get claustrophobic walking through the pillow aisles? 🤦🏾‍♀️

A couple weeks later, this bird is still flying high. So IKEA here I come, MASKING WEARING and ALL!

Daughter said the emoji looks like me, top and all. LOL

Ikea Finds

Ikea was Ikea. You walk through the showroom, taking pics of products of interest. I remember the good ole’ days when they had pencils, paper and paper rulers on display for customers. The main items I had my eye on was a rattan pendant light was too large and the clock was sold out. So, I purchased a glass vase and candle for a craft project, a bath rug, which is being returned, chair cushions for her bar stools and a jar of Lingonberry to serve with my Swedish meatballs. 😋

See you soon; close to office/guest room reveal time.

Time to Decorate; just noticed I misspelled “decorate”. LOL

Be Safe! Remember to Love Life and Do What Brings You Joy! 🌸

If you like my blog or dizzy from the videos, 😬


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