Peaceful and Relaxing – Goal Accomplished!

“The life of inner peace, being harmonious and without stress, is the easiest type of existence.”

Norman Vincent Peale

Inspiration Behind the Design

First, I was so excited when my daughter allowed me free-range when decorating her office/guest room. My initial reaction, “Sure, give me the smallest room in the house…”. Then the rule followed, which was only one: NO GLAM! “Geesh! Okay!” I replied with my fingers crossed behind my back.

Second, I was out of my comfort zone decorating her office/guest room. As soon as I saw the “Fern Storage Cabinet” from Anthropologie, which cost $2,498.00. I knew instantly I found the color scheme for the space. The cabinet would be perfect; but, it is too large for a 8’x7′ room and over my budget.

Vision versus Reality

Futon/daybed against the main wall. – The plan was to give my daybed that is currently in my office; however, the daybed is too large for the room. Therefore, the ext choice is a futon. Walmart and Wayfair sold a futon that I knew my daughter would love. My research revealed the futons have the same quality; one was not better than the other. Walmart’s price was $169.00 and Wayfair’s price was $284.61 (business price). Walmart it is!

YAAAY! Two weeks from ordering, the futon arrived! Fingers crossed the futon is 100% intact and there are no defects.  Now, it is time to purchase the ladder desk and chair. Beforehand, I need to measure the space again. My enthusiasm typically results in errors. I do not want to make any mistakes with purchasing furniture that may be too large for the room.

Place desk in front of the window.  For security reasons, ensure computer screen is facing away from the window – Since, the room space is very “tight”, I am choosing a ladder desk to give my daughter a workspace and display for her favorite “Queen” and “The Office” mementoes. By the way, did you know (pronunciation: cha-keys) is spelled “Tchotchkes”?😲 Well, I just found out, on June 7, 2021, while writing this blog.

Reality – I did not purchase the ladder desk. The more I examined the desk, the writing area is too small and would not meet my daughter’s needs, since she requires space for two monitors.

photo courtesy of

Black desk lamp on light-wood desk. – Black lamp, HA! As soon as I saw the wicker lamp at At Home, I knew it would be perfect for the office/bedroom. I felt a standard black desk lamp would look too juvenile on the desk. Plus, I needed to add more light in the room and not just a spot light on the desk.

Tan and white cowhide chair. – I did not take into the account the size of the room when planning the room. Once I measured the room, I realized a cowhide chair would be too big. I was disappointed because my daughter likes cowhide as an accent pieces.

Top: Cowhide chair was the primary selection. Below: backups

Realization hit, the alternatives I selected may also be too large for the space and the opening of the desk. In addition, the chairs on the top of my list was over the $300 budget or sold out. So, I was pleasantly surprise, when I visit At Home to see a rattan chair that matched the desk and room perfectly!


chair and lamp from At home and desk from Target

Large artwork on the main wall, over the futon/bed. – While art shopping, I realized that my daughter is not a fan of your standard wall art that you will find at Home Goods: the glam glitter pieces, beach scenes… not her style. She prefers photography, countryside with soft muted colors and textured art. When I saw the world map scroll, at Home Goods, I placed it in the cart. If she did not like the scroll, I was going to find a place for the map in my new guest room. However, no worries, as soon as she saw the map she loved it!

Wicker shade for window. – Due to the bullhead, I was unable to hang curtains to the ceiling. Also, she wanted all the blinds in the house to match. For a quick and easy privacy, paper blind was hung in the window.

Tall white/ivory pampas thats reaches the ceiling and place on the side of the sofa. – I love everything about the below picture, especially the extra tall pampas stems.

Photo courtesy of Pinterest page

Unfortunately, I was unable to locate pampas at this height, color and shape. CB2 was the only store I found that sold six to eight foot tall faux pampas stems for only $29.95 for a set of 3. CB2 advertises shorter ivory stems for sell; however, the clerk, at the Georgetown, DC store, could not guarantee the color and they only had taupe stems.


Yes, I know the futon cushion is on backwards.


Fun time! YAAAY! If you read my blogs and/or follow me on Instagram, you know that tablescaping is a struggle. 😬


For weeks, I had my eye on Kirkland’s leaf wall plaques. Now, I finally have a reason to purchase; at least that is what I thought. I am one of those people who read reviews before purchasing a product. Twenty-five people reviewed Kirkland’s leaf wall plaques. The plaques received an average rating of 2.5 out of 5. YIKES! Not good.  The Value and Quality received one – two stars and Style received an average of 4 out 5 stars. My daughter is very optimistic and feels the set we purchase may be as advertised. Nope, I am not buying! If I am spending $90.00 (plaques are no longer on sale), the rating has to be higher than 2.5. Instead, one of the stone plaques that I purchased from Bed Bath & Beyond, for my guest room, will be utilized; money saved!

Stone wall plaques purchased from Bed Bath and Beyond.


Go figure, I have an obsession with white-washed furniture. First, it was the magnificent wood mirror, then the cabinet, both from Home Goods that I had to have in my life. Now white-wash boxes for files and office supplies.

Wooden boxes purchased from Home Goods.

The large wood box did not fit inside the cabinet. An acrylic organizer and the small box fit perfectly on the top shelf of the cabinet. I dislike returning items, so I placed the large box in the bathroom linen closet.

The wood mirror is my favorite piece and I decorated the room around the mirror.


The calendar I felt was so unique and added a little farmhouse to the decor is missing the card for Monday. For laughs, I kept the calendar because Monday is least liked day, anyway! 😂

The date is not Tuesday; it is Monday. Calendar from Home Sense.



The most interesting store, I visited was Mckay’s Used Bookstore. I selected books that would fit the decor and would also be an interesting read. Plus, the cost was under $10.00 versus what other companies are charging, which is ten times the amount for books to match your decor.

If you do not have the time to hunt through a bookstore, here is a link to one of my favorite home stores, West Elm that sells decorative books by color.


wicker lamp purchased from Ikea.


What is so wonderful, the room has a full-size ensuite. The bathroom was decorated in maintaining the urban boho office design.

Majority of bathroom accessories are from Target and Home Goods. Wood art is from Kirkland’s.

Our schedules have been so busy that I have not had time to complete the linen closet. For instance, place the hand towels, sheets, hand soap and room spray in baskets and place bath salts and epsom salt in jars.

It boggles me why a small room would have a full size linen closet.

I love this little space. The outcome did not match my vision but the only thing that matters is my daughter loves her office/guest room. Her response, “I like it; it’s peaceful and relaxing.” GOAL ACCOMPLISHED! 😍

Remember to Love Life and Do What Brings You Joy! 🌸

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