Essentials to Destress and Relax

“The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it.”


Daughter’s guest room/office’s ensuite is finally complete. YAAAAY!💃🏽

The purpose of the ensuite is to provide guests all the essentials needed to destress and relax. I am confident to say the purpose has been fulfilled.

Finally finished stocking the linen closet.

The bath salts in the glass jar was too heavy for the shelf.  So, the bath salts will remain in the original packaging. 

Guest room/office’s linen closet

My daughter is going to have a fit when she sees how much these natural lavender stems sheds.  Fingers crossed spraying the lavender with hair spray will prevent them from falling apart. If not, she’s going to have a mess on hands if someone swings the bathroom door too wide. 😬 By the way, the scent is intoxicating.

Lavender stems purchased from Amazon.
Rack for towels and bathrobe, which I just realized at this moment, I did not purchase a robe.

When I showed my youngest the final results, she smiled and said, “You’re so extra. So, can I use this stuff?”

“Yes, if you stay here as a guest.” 

Based on the growth of her grin, she liked my response. 

Complete room design

Once she lights the candle, the room will be filled with scents of vanilla and coffee. 

Glass vase and candle from Ikea.

Office/Guest Room Shopping List: 


  • Lavender stems
  • Bathtub tray
  • Bath pillow 
  • Wood beads

Kirkland’s Arch wood wall art 


  • Eucalyptus ceramic vase
  • Shower curtain 
  • Desk
  • End table 

Bed Bath and BeyondLeaf plaque

Home Goods and Home Sense

  • White washed cabinet 
  • Round wood mirror 
  • Wicker baskets 
  • Scroll map
  • Rug
  • Trays
  • Clock

Walmart: Futon

CB2: Pampas stems:

Check out my Peaceful and Relaxing …” blog for the complete design project. 

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