Pillows are Going to be the Death of Me!

“There’s no pillow as soft as a clear conscience.”

Glen Campbell

Okay, this quote has nothing to do with the subject of this blog. Since, I’m writing about pillows, there is nothing wrong with a little pillow positivity. 😋

Pillows are going to be the “death of me” (that is such a horrible phrase; who and what is the origin?!)😖 

Styling pillows are becoming my new home decor struggle. My first struggle is tablescaping and I still have not mastered that design skill, comfortably. When tablescaping, I style numerous layouts, capture a photo of each layout, review the photos, and walk away until I am satisfied with the final layout. My satisfaction typically lasts a few weeks. 🤦🏾‍♀️

This brings me to these dang pillows throughout my home, especially my sofa and love seat pillows. I like the covers but the inserts are driving me nuts: too stiff, too full, not full enough or not able to do the “karate chop”, which I learned about last year. 

Blue pillow cover from Amazon and Gold pillow from Home Goods

I bet based on the title of this blog, you probably thought this would be a blog on tips on styling pillows. HA! Let me remind you of the warning on my main Home Decor page:

“If you’re looking for decorating tips and information on the latest interior design trends that will definitely NOT occur in my blog, far from it!”

For those of you who follow my blog or Instagram page, you know I am most likely seeking home decor guidance than giving and sharing my mishaps and struggles.😬

However, I follow wonderful influencers on Instagram. For instance, the lovely Home Decor by Udel. 🥰 Udel’s beautiful homes and pillow decor and collection are OUTSTANDING! Now, if you want to be inspired, FOLLOW Home Decor by Udel on Instagram. Udel’s “grand piano room” is featured below. Also, can we give a round of applause to Udel’s rug! WOW!

Photo courtesy of “Home Decor by Udel”.

My current pillows situation is “a show!” 🤦🏾‍♀️ I am feeling the only way to correct the situation is to purchase new inserts, which may resolve the issue or cost more than the pillow cover. UGH!

Right now, I am so not trying to purchase new pillows. “I WILL NOT PURCHASE NEW PILLOWS! I WILL NOT PURCHASE NEW PILLOWS!” (If I say it loud enough and repeat, it will be my truth.)🤥

Pillows are crazy expensive! I refuse to spend a lot of money on pillows, especially on pillow covers and inserts, which is probably why I have this pillow issue.  It is funny that I will not spend fifty, sixty dollars on a pillow that will last years. But, I did not have an issue spending the same amount of money or more on a bottle of wine. 🤷🏾‍♀️

Also, is there a such thing as owning too many pillows? In my opinion, yes, if you lack storage space, as I do. I have seen influencers use a closet to store their home decor, including pillows. Am I thinking about it, yes! 😬

The two type of pillows, I love are, of course, a pillow that allows for the “karate chop” and has a “down-like” filling.

The worst pillows I own are my sitting room recliner pillows. The filling is the worst. I do not care how much shaking or fluffy, the pillows do not budge! 

Bedroom sitting room recliner. Pillow and insert purchased from Amazon. The gorgeous vase, in the background is from Inspire Me! Home Decor.

Who does not love a soft shimmering pillow to accent their decor. Well, stay away from this silver shimmery beauty that I purchased from Home Goods. It looks marvelous! If you do not mind picking up silver strings off the floor, this is the pillow for you. It boggles me, someone in quality control said, “Oh, there are no issues with the pillow, it’s ready to sell.” SMH 😑 On top of it, I had the great idea to pair the shimmery beauty with another mediocre pillow 😂 (I love the design). Thought: Maybe it will serve as a deterrent and guest will not sit in the chair. NOPE! Guest flock to this chair before sitting on the sofa or loveseat. Why?  My daughter has the same pillow on her bed and complains all the time about the fallen strings. However, I have similar pillows on my bed and do not have this issue; the strings are shorter.

The shimmering mess!

Then there’s the pillow situation in my office. Yeah… I was taping into my inner teenager when redesigning my office; well, more like reclaiming my office. Office redesign, for the umpteen time, is on the list. 😬

Pillows covers purchased from Amazon.com. Beaded pillow from Home Goods

One of the great things about writing is, if you write long enough about an issue you will discover a solution. Therefore, I am replacing the silver and gold geometric pillows and purchasing new inserts for the sofa’s blue and gold pillows. The shimmery mess will remain as a possible deterrent. 😬

Whew! There is a lot of negativity in this blog. To end on a positive note, here is another picture from Home Decor by Udel‘s Instagram. Again, FOLLOW FOR INSPIRATION!

Photo courtesy of “Home Decor by Udel”

Remember to Love Life and Do What Brings You Joy! 🌸

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