Another Chick-ling Has Flown the Coop!

Hello! Hello! I have been incognito because I have been very busy with my daughter and new home, work ….

It is bittersweet, another “chick-ling” has flown the coop. The next one, who is my youngest will not be leaving until her husband comes takes away, which will be in 5 years. 🙃

As a parent, I have reached another memorable milestone. My oldest daughter, who is 28, purchased a new home the end of May 2021. We are so proud! Was I ready for her to leave the nest? Not at all! But, I am so ready to continue to observe her live her life to the fullest. Her dad said it perfectly, “We did good!” “Indeed we did! 🥰


It was exciting watching her home being built from the ground up.


We are in full decorating mode and having fun. My daughter’s taste in decorating is totally different from mine. She loves whites and beiges, black and wood, nothing glam. A simple clean cool design. I, at first, described her style as “Modern-Urban with a touch of Farmhouse”. Now, her style is most definitely “Urban Bohemian.” This girl loves wicker/rattan furniture. Based on the cost of rattan furniture and many products sold out, so does everyone else. Shoot, I had to talk myself out of not converting my glam decor to modern-urban. Here is a sneak peak:

bar stools from

Unfortunately, we are returning these beautiful bar stools. I was told the weight capacity is 275lbs. I just lean on the stools and all you hear is “crackling”. My youngest, who weighs 130 lbs., sat in the chair and it sounded like a bowl of “Rice Krispies” cereal, (snap, crackle and pop)😂.

We were originally looking for a “u-shape”coffee table. But, when we laid our eyes on this unique solid wood table, we fell in love.

I love her kitchen. It is the one room that gives me tingles to want to sell my current home 😊.

Pay no mind to the multiple oil bottles in different styles; this is a result of purchasing items months in advance and forgetting what you purchased. She already wants to change the utensil holder. 😊

She’s a fan of “The Office and Frozen”

Rookie Shopper

Since her bed is so high, we were on the hunt for a bedside table with a height of 28 inches. After days and lots of hours of searching, I was not feeling hopeful. When I asked what table design and color she wanted for a nightstand, she said, “I do not know, but I want this color;” pointing at the moving boxes. Okay….

During a day of home decor shopping, my daughter was wiped out after the second store, Target and Hobby Lobby (she’s a rookie).😋 It was still daylight outside, so, I talked her into stopping at Home Goods, which was in the same shopping center. She stayed in the car while I ran into Home Goods looking for a ceramic bowl for the console or coffee tables. I circled Home Goods so fast, picking up pasta bowls, saucers and at the end, I stumbled upon two side tables. BINGO! They are exactly what I imagined for her bedroom. I called her to come inside the store and like me, she immediately loved the end tables. The height is 30 inches and they had two tables, PERFECT! Home Goods for the win!

lamp is from Home Sense

Next purchase are window shades. In the meantime, the paper blackout shades are doing a great job.

More good news! After two months of waiting, next week she is finally receiving her sectional from Ashley Furniture. SO EXCITED!

Savesto 5-piece. Photo courtesy of

Why did this girl say I hope the sectional is comfortable. I got it for aesthetic purposes. OH VEY! 🤦🏾‍♀️

More to come, so stay tune!

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Remember to Love Life and Do What Brings You Joy! 🌻

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