“A house is made of walls and beams; a home is built with love and dreams.”

– Farah Merhi
I love the inspirational quotes that are placed in the shipments.

My latest goodies from Inspire Me! Home Decor

I am friggin SPEECHLESS! Please excuse my language, my girls tell me even though I am not using the actual swear word, I am still cursing by saying “friggin”; they have such good manners. 😊 But seriously, my latest shipment from Inspire Me! Home Decor had me SPEECHLESS! I unpackaged the spoons and loved them immediately. Farah NEVER disappoints, the spoons are thick heavy metal. VERY NICE!

The next item in my shipment are pink ranunculus bloom stems. I love the daintiness of the faux pink florals. They are BEAUTIFULLY styled in the Inspire Me! Home Decor “footed vase”.

Then I unwrapped the bubblewrap from the largest box in the shipment. I immediately thought, “I don’t think it is the same size as my other blue and white ginger jars.

I unveiled the ginger jar from the box and I became SPEECHLESS! My eyes grew and inside I was screaming and cursing, “THIS IS FRIGGIN OUTSTANDING! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!” But the words would not, could not escape my lips. (Side note. I just finished reading the book “The Silent Patient” and think the silence of the main character may have rubbed off. 😬)

The size of the ginger jar is larger than I expected and it is PURE BEAUTY!

Ginger jar from Inspire Me! Home Decor

The last home decor product that had me speechless was my Primrose mirror from Anthropologie. If you haven’t already done so, check out my Primrose – Grand and Elegant blog; another beauty.

Primrose Mirror from Anthropologie

I love the glam and classic look for the ginger jar. If you hurry, you too can get your hands on this beauty! Trust me you will not be disappointed; 100% Top Quality!

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Remember to Love Life and Do What Brings You Joy! 🌸

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"Love Life & Do What Brings You Joy!"

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