Primrose, Grand and Elegant!

Primrose has arrived and she is MAGNIFICENT! 😍

Primrose, who is from Anthropologie arrived early and currently residing in my bedroom sitting room until my living room is painted. I’m contemplating to make my master bedroom sitting room, Primrose permanent location. However, as soon as my sister saw Primrose, she said place her in the living room to be admired by all.

Say Hello to Primrose!

The early arrival of my Anthropologie Primrose mirror placed the living room painting on the fast track. I’m so thankful for my sister-dear who did a marvelous job on painting the main wall; the other walls will be painted at a later date. 

My living room transformation is coming along and I’m loving the results. 😍 There are a few things needed until the living room is complete: new coffee table, applying silver or gold leaf on round wood table, new living room furniture and new dining room buffet…

shooting this video from my iPad and for some reason I have shaking hands.
New coffee table “Isabelle” received since writing this post.

Be Safe Everyone! Remember to Love Life and Do What Brings You Joy!

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