Primrose, Grand and Elegant!

Primrose has arrived and she is MAGNIFICENT! 😍 Primrose, who is from Anthropologie arrived early and currently residing in my bedroom sitting room until my living room is painted. I’m contemplating to make my master bedroom sitting room, Primrose permanent location. However, as soon as my sister saw Primrose, she said place her in the livingContinue reading “Primrose, Grand and Elegant!”

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall….

Hello, I’m back and I have a dilemma! This post is an update to my previous blog titled “Look at Me, Aren’t I Grand“. If you haven’t read that blog, go read and come back. Thank GOD I allowed my indecisiveness to run it’s course. The logical and smart voice in my head said, “MeasureContinue reading “Mirror, Mirror on the Wall….”