Mirror, Mirror on the Wall….

Hello, I’m back and I have a dilemma!

This post is an update to my previous blog titled “Look at Me, Aren’t I Grand“. If you haven’t read that blog, go read and come back.

Thank GOD I allowed my indecisiveness to run it’s course. The logical and smart voice in my head said, “Measure your wall.” Folks, my wall measures at 92″ H x 38″W. After hours of searching online, I was leaning towards the Arhaus “Amelie Grand Mirror” in gold that measures at 84″H x 64″W. DANG GONE IT! As I’m typing this blog, I realize the mirror is too wide for my wall. SHOOT! Now, I’m walking around my bedroom and sitting room, with a measuring tape in hand, looking for a new location. I really want the wide and tall grand mirror.

Arhaus Amelie Grand Mirror in Gold – photo courtesy of arhaus.com

Y’all this is crazy, 64″W is HUGE! The mirror’s measurement, on the website, has to be an error. I just walked around my home, which is an “open concept”, for prospective locations. The walls that will give the mirror a grand display are too small and will require remodeling of my living room and THAT IS NOT HAPPENING. UGH!

Okay (exhaling)… I can’t purchase the Arhaus “Amelie Grand Mirror”. But, Arhaus has an “Amelie Floor Mirror” at 41″W x 74.5″H. Also, Anthropologie offers their Gleaming Primrose Mirror, which I LOVE THE MOST, in a 7′ small measuring at 84″H x 39.75″W. The price is unknown and the availability is after July 4th.

Both mirrors will require some rearranging of my bedroom. Remember what I said in my Look at Me, Aren’t I Grand blog, sometimes you have to design a room around a piece of furniture or decor item; for me this is that time. 🙂

A mirror that took my breath away and defines the word GRAND is owned by Instagram Influencer @tamarabradshaw_home. ISN’T SHE MARVELOUS! I found this glam mirror at Home Goods and Home Sense for only $399.99.

“This mirror looks like Tamara’s mirror.” Store: Home Sense

If you are looking for a less ornate mirror, the following mirrors available on Wayfair.com will create a statement piece in any room:

“Rectangle Silver Wood Mirror” would look great in a modern and urban decors. It’s on sale for only $389.00.

Rectangle Silver Wood mirror – photo courtesy of Wayfair.com

The “Primm Antique Beveled Floor Length Mirror” is glam mirror that will give a grand appearance and is on sale for $699.99.

Primm Antique Beveled Mirror – photo courtesy of Wayfair.com

A mirror I feel will fit in any decor style is the “Lilie Full Length Wall Mirror” that has a stand. The cost is FANTASTIC! On sale for only $319.99 (44% off the regular price).

photo courtesy of Wayfair.com

I’m on to the next project! Now, subscribe below and follow me on instagram at “Treevinos”.

Remember to Love Life and Do What Brings You Joy!

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