Urban Glam and MVP of the Day!

“You bring the glam and I’ll bring the Urban!”

Lauryn G.

Updated: September 16, 2020

This will be the first major decorating to daughter’s room since she came home from college. In addition, I will regain my bedroom, which began with me asking her to test out my new Nectar mattress. After a few months, I was suffering from severe backaches and hot flashes. I thought it was from menopause. So for confirmation, I had my daughter sleep in my bed for a week and I moved to my office./guest room. By the way, the twin bed mattress in my office is heaven. I feel like I’m in my small private oasis.

Say Hello to Sammy!

A couple months later, YUP, you read right, MONTHS, daughter is still in my room. The Nectar mattress also gives her backaches, but nothing severe. She also generates a little heat but she is not sweating, like I was when sleeping in the bed. 

One evening, she shares that she does not like her room and she likes the energy of my room.  After striping all the high school memorabilia from her room, her bedroom now has no character and does not represent her fabulous, positive, adventurous, love for life personality. 

That infamous grin since she was three.

Days later, I sketched possible bedroom layouts and prepared a PowerPoint presentation for her to select decor items. Daughter and her best friend painted her room white from a lavender-gray color.


What a great shopping day and only took approximately four hours. The day began at Home Goods. It surprised me how daughter was patient and went along with my plan that you must view the primary sections of the store at least twice.

Since we could not find any artwork or wall decor to her liking, the day ended at AT Home. Boy, At Home did not disappoint, after rummaging through shelves of disarray, (Question – is your At Home wall decor and artworks aisles a disaster? I’m curious because I can not fathom how a store manager could think the state of the section is okay) we found wall art and accessories for tablescaping. 

Home Goods Finds
AT Home Finds

The bedroom design has changed a bit, which is no problem; it reflects more of her personality. While in the store, she said it perfectly, “You bring the Glam and I’ll bring the Urban!

Out of nowhere, daughter asked, “Who’s the MVP of the day?” Before I could respond, she announced she is the Most Valuable Player (MVP) because she did not fuss and found the painting for her bedroom renovation. She added, “You want to know why I didn’t fuss? Because we were shopping for me.” WOWZER! 🤦🏾‍♀️ She keeps me laughing and on my toes. 🙂


The only mistake of the day is us waiting in the parking lot of Tropical Smoothie Gainesville, VA only to find out the order was place for Tropical Smoothie Gainesville, FL. YUPPER Florida not Virginia. 🤣 So we called Florida to cancel and reordered in Virginia. 🤣. Another highlight of the day, daughter said, “I can’t wait to get home to do some Calculus.”  😳 Okayyyy. 


There is still a couple of things that need to be done (new curtains and touch-up paint) but her room is 98% complete. She is very happy; her Facebook post: “Mom, Good job on changing my room from teen dorm to a very classy, boujee and not ratchet. Love love love my new room.

On her own, she beautifully styled the wall shelves.

UPDATE: We have reached 99% completion and we are in LOVE! The hunt for window coverings continues; fingers-crossed the third set of curtains pass test.

College Daughter Bedroom Reno

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Remember to Love Life and Do What Brings You Joy!

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