Vase Styling – Tutorial Fail!

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Ready for a laugh, watch me try to accomplish a tutorial on vase styling.

I’ve seen Instagram home decor influencers use tape across the opening of a vase. The flowers fresh and artificial are displayed perfectly and beautifully in the vase; looks so simple. Of course, I had to try this new vase styling method. I purchased this beautiful gold vase from, “small jeweled decorative glass bowl” for only $42.99; they also offer a large size.

Since the vase was styled with some lovely real touch roses, I purchased Inspire Me Home Decor real touch roses, which are magnificent! The heads of the floral stems are heavy and I was a little concern with roses staying inside of the vase without cutting the stems and using floral foam (not sure this is the right term but you know what I mean; the green foam). Regardless, I ventured forward and …….


First place tape across the top of the vase making a criss-cross pattern. Second, bend floral stems and place inside the tape openings; that’s it! Simple, right?

image courtesy of

My Attempt:

First, I used scotch tape, which was the wrong tape.

Second, I got a wider tape and it would not stick to the outside of the vase and the tape pulled off the glass chips. The tape barely stuck to the inside of the vase, which is glass and fell to the bottom. I finally got the tape to stick, but, I knew immediately the florals were not going to lay correctly inside the vase.

I watched the Instagram tutorial video over and over, trying to figure out what I was doing wrong. Shoot, this isn’t rocket science!


I discarded the instructions in the tutorial and went old school, just bend the stem, rearrange the floral heads and TA-DA! I did it! I love how the ivory peonies accents the glass vase; adds an elegance and glam to my girly-girl office.

peonies from and vase from
bookcase from Birch Lane and accents from Home Goods, excluding the gold vase

If you haven’t already done so, check out my blog post “Where All the Magic Happens” for information on my bookcase. By the way, the bookcase styling received the girls seal of approval and that folks makes a happy mama! 😋

Following is an updated picture of the shelf styling. I used 2 bundles of peonies purchased from Amazon (Duovlo Artificial Peony Silk Flowers Fake Flowers Vintage Wedding Home Decoration,Pack of 1 (Spring Milk White)

Also styled on the bookcase shelf are fresh rose petals in the oval bowl purchased from Home Goods, a wax dip carnation in the gold dome stand, which is also purchased from Home Goods and a computer printer sign “She Believed She Could So She Did!” placed in a Dollar Store frame.

An updated pic of the vase styling

Remember to Love Life and Do What Brings You Joy!

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