Retail Therapy and Riddles

It felt so good to visit Home Goods; they reopened in Northern Virginia on June 8th. On Tuesday, June 9th, I saw the announcement of the store opening, which we were originally told would be open on June 15th. I quickly informed my daughter of the news and plans were made to visit the store after work.

I’m hesitant to go inside a grocery store, but had no problem putting on a mask that constricts my breathing, to walk around Home Goods for only 20 minutes; daughter and I got off of work late and the store closed at 7:00pm.

Daughter continually had to remind me not to touch items unless I was going to purchase. I was like a kid in a candy store. This was the retail therapy I didn’t know I needed.

Following are my Home Goods finds.

Home Good Finds
Home Goods Find

I normally do not purchase food products from Home Goods, after finding painter’s tape inside a pack of nuts. YIKES! But, I couldn’t pass up the Italian Breakfast Cookies and this $15.00 table. I purchased items that I have no place for and I already have tubs of decor items that need to purged and organized. (I need to finish organizing my storage room so, I can neatly store my home decor pieces. Due to donation centers closing, mother returning to Virginia and daughter will be purchasing her first home, I found myself holding onto pieces thinking, “I’ll keep this because mother or daughter may want it“. ) SMH

This was the first shopping trip with my daughter with the perspective of identifying her home decor style. I instructed her to point out items that catches her eye. We found that she’s loves farmhouse style, does not like square plates, does not like a design or textures on plates or mugs. As for plants, artificial only; real ones brings bugs-nats. She has a simplistic-clean design with touches of light wood is her preference. She is definitely more conservative (but not traditional) in her home decor than her mama.

The one item from Home Goods that made her exclaim was a wine rack. Our home decor styles may be different but deep down she’s her mother’s child. 🙂

Also, wait until you read this….

Since she’s not a coffee drinker, she’s not going to buy a coffee maker. When I visit, if I want coffee, I need to bring my own cup of coffee. My immediate response was GEESH! Can I buy a single-serve Keurig and you can store it away?” NOPE!, she replied. WOWZER! I see that I’ll have to buy the Keurig and hide it in a cabinet. 🙂

While writing this blog, I was bombarded with riddles from my daughter, so I have to spread the laughter. Since this is a home decor blog. I will share a riddle regarding the home and one without.

Riddle One: There’s a beautiful one-story house and it’s painted the color red. What color were the stairs painted? I didn’t get this one.

Riddle Two: Name three consecutive days without using, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This one was easy.

photo courtesy of

Answers: 1 – there are no stairs in a one story house. 2 – Yesterday, today, and tomorrow. HAHAHAHA! Okay, comedy time is over.

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