The Winery at Bull Run

After driving 45 minutes to Chrysalis only to find out that I wasn’t on the work schedule, turned out to be a blessing for two reasons. One, it was hot as “Cooda Brown” outside.  I have no idea who or what is “Cooda Brown”.  It’s a childhood slang term that my cousins and I said during the hot summers in N. Phila. Anyway, they were conducting tastings outside in 95+ degrees weather (SMH).  In the past, we held tastings in the winery when it was too hot.  But, I’m not here to discuss Chrysalis Vineyard that’s for another time.

The second blessing, I decided to visit “The Winery at Bull Run”, Centreville, VA. I drove into the Vineyard and immediately pulled out my iPhone to take pictures. I love the wagon at the entrance.  I pushed opened the door, my mouth dropped and eyes widened. WOW!!! Huge! Instantly I thought, “I want to work here” and “Why can’t Chrysalis look like this.” 😦

My eyes roamed to the large lounge area.  The lounge is filled with brown leather furniture and TV’s.  Just imagine, hanging out, sipping wine, watching football, YES! :). I continue to scan the room and I feel like I been here before, but I know I haven’t.  Then it hits me! This Winery reminds me of Paradise Springs Vineyard in Clifton, VA.

I finally make it up to the tasting counter, grinning from ear to ear. The taster also greets me with a big smile.  We exchange “hellos”.  I explain that it’s my first time at the Winery. I work at Chrysalis and I didn’t have to work so, I decided to stop by.  Another employee, smiling, said make sure you give her the industry discount, which is 10%.  I gave her a HUGE “THANK YOU.” I wonder if Chrysalis gives industry discount, I hope so. I need to inquire.  This visit is off to a great start!

I’m not expecting much since it’s a new winery. I’m trying to stay bias and not compare the wines to Pearmund Cellars, since Chris is/was the winemaker. I shared that I’m a barrel owner at Pearmund and I enjoy Pearmund wines. She, the taster, gives a nod and friendly smile.

The first wine in the tasting is a 2010 Chardonnay, 100% Chardonnay, aged in French Oak. I swirl and think “a Chard is Chard”, sniff: light aromas, sip: light crisp flavors… I think I missed something, second sip…Yes, crisp green apple flavors with a buttery-creamy finish; three Stars, which is good.

The second wine is the 2010 Delaney, which is named after the owner’s daughter. It’s a blend of Traminette, Vidal Blanc, Viogner and Riesling with 1.2% residual sugar. It’s in a Riesling style bottle. Slight honey aromas, citrus and pink grapefruit flavors. This is a nice surprise.  This is a semi-sweet, slightly dry white wine. Believe it or not, I LIKE THIS WINE TOO!

The third wine in the tasting is a 2010 Viognier.  I love Viognier but this is not your typical Viognier. The composition is 75% Viognier, 15% Chardonnay and 10% Gewurztraminer and 1.5 percent residual sugar. The sweet aromas remind me of Pearmund Cellars Dry Petit Manseng and there’s a slight grapefruit flavor on the finish. This Viognier taste sweeter than 1.5 percent. One star NEXT…

The last white in the tasting is a Rose, 2010 Rose is the name. WOW, no one could think of a name for this delicious wine, which consists of 90% Merlot and 10% Chambourcin. Yup, I said delicious! Bold nutty aromas, hint of berries flavors, REFRESHING dry rose. This is my second favorite of the whites. The Chardonnay is the first. I can’t believe it; I LOVE this Rose, which I will call it “Rose” (like the flower). I share with the taster that I’m surprise this wine isn’t poured before the sweet Viognier. But, the order is perfect since we’re going to Reds and no rinsing is required.

I will tell you that the Reds were not memorable. So, if you want to stop reading go ahead. But before you do, another surprise occurred during my tasting, the 2010 Fort. Yup, Fort, which is a Port received three stars. It was the best among the Reds in the tasting that lead me to purchasing two bottles: one for me and one a gift for The Professional. My Notes read as follows: OH MY! Not syrupy, not heavy, berries and chocolate flavors. Three stars

For those of you who are still reading following is my review on the Reds: I will share the tasting notes that I wrote during the tasting.

2009 Cab Franc, I’m not a Cab Franc fan. But, this is a light Cab Franc- REGULAR

2009 Merlot, spicy aromas, full cherry flavors, earthy, firm tannins, short finish. I gave the wine two stars, I would buy. It’s a good everyday drinking wine.

My hand is starting to hurt so this is going to be quick, just as the tasting of the Reds occurred. Next wine is 2010 Norton, which I was excited because I love the Norton grape. WELL… I don’t know how they did it but they “tamed” the Norton grape. The bold, earthy wine I love has disappeared. I don’t know what this “okay, medium-bodied” wine is before me.  The tasting sheet says firm tannins, I don’t think so.  VERY DISAPPOINTED. 😦

2010 Meritage, Immediately, I think of Pearmund Ameritage, a Bordeaux-style, which is lovely. Well, this wine isn’t lovely but it’s good. It’s a Bordeaux style aged in American Oak for 13 months.  Thirty-two dollars? No, thank you!

The last red wine in the tasting was the 2010 Fort, which I LOVED!!!

My tasting ended with a purchase of two 2010 Fort- $38, one 2010 Chardonnay-$27 and one 2010 Rose-$24.

Folks this is a beautiful property, filled with history and artifacts. The wines have lots of potential and they’re kid friendly.  Grab your friends and head out to Centreville, VA, I will!


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  1. I’ve been wanting to visit The Winery at Bull Run! Thanks for the info! I look forward to getting there soon!!

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