And the winner is Spain!

Merry-Christmas-Candles-218077Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! Feliz Navidad! Buon Natale… Hope you had a Happy Hanukkah and now Happy Kwanza. If I forgot anyone please excuse me:).
It’s Christmas, my son and family and sister-dear are on their way. My Christmas dinner is finish, minus the 8 bags of frozen veggie that need to be microwave. I’m looking festive and relaxed, wine sipping time. These past few days I’ve been on my feet and in this kitchen for at least 12 a day; shopping, baking and cooking; trust me I’m not complaining.

I have to tell you that while writing this review, I poured myself a glass of Willowcroft Cabernet Blanc. A rose that I had no intention of writing about; I just wanted something to sip on while I write. Lets’ just say I disrespected this wine and it has turned into a review of one of my favorite vineyards,  Willowcroft Vineyards, Leesburg, VA. I  had to share:).

Back to the review; I’m starting off this Christmas day with a 2010 Lagar De Cervera Albarino. Yup, Albarino! I LOVE ME SOME ALBARINO! Albarino is a Spanish varietal from the Glacial region of Spain (always included this little tidbit in when doing tasting at Chrysalis Vineyards ;)).  Virginia has done a great job producing some delicious Albarinos’; Chrysalis and Willowcroft Albarino are delicious!

spanish Albarino

Lagar De Cervera 2010 Albarino has a rich golden color, heavenly aromas of honey, pears, apricots (mouth is watering). Time for the fun part – tasting- I whisper to myself “Please don’t let me down”.  The wine has been breathing for approximately 25 minutes (exhale)…here we go.

OH MY! Tropical fruit flavors just exploded in my mouth than a soft, smooth, slight creaminess skates down my tongue. Imagine a huge wave then it slowly comes to shore. THIS IS EXPLOSIVE! I have to say SPAIN WINS!

I definitely need to do a blind tasting of Virginia Albarinos’, well Chrysalis, Willowcroft and Lagar De Cervera Albarino’s. I wonder who will win. Well, today, 12-25-12, Spain is the big winner!

Merry Christmas!

vendor: Crystal City Wine Shop – cost: $21.99

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