Mother’s Day Out – Lilit Café & Spanish Quarter

It’s a gray and wet Saturday, we are in route to a champagne tasting at Paul’s Wine & Spirits, Bethesda, MD. We quickly find out the email announcement had the wrong date; the champagne tasting was on Friday. I said irritable, “they could have at least sent out a corrected email”. He smiles, understanding my irritation and calmly says, “let’s get something to eat.” I relax; he has it under control, which he advises.

We drive along the crowded narrow streets of DC/Bethesda. I announce out loud “there’s Tiffany’s, Jimmy Choo, Louis Vuitton and Saks”. I love this drive. We continue on and in the far distance I see the canopy “Lilit Café”, our spot. A quaint café, on the corner of a small block, in Bethesda, MD.



The print on the faded canopy reads: food – fine wine – beer – cigars. “When did Lilit start selling cigars?” We squeeze into a tiny parking lot behind the building and enter through the back entrance. I love this place!

Lilit Café used to be our little secret, not anymore. The cafe has been evaded by little girls and pink and green cupcakes and tissue paper. Table tops are covered with cupcakes and drinks; empty cupcakes wrappers and tissue paper has fallen on the floor. “Lilit does birthday parties?” I say to myself. I look over to my partner who appears to be in shock.

The owner sees that the “sight” has stopped us in our track. He quickly approaches and sits us at a table in the back, away from the group of laughing girls. I giggle. “I’ve seen this picture many times” I said to my partner who’s slowly waking up, eyes still gazed-over in confusion. He looks at me, eagerly, waiting for an explanation. I talk quickly not wanting him to slip back into his coma, better yet, calm the HULK stewing inside. “This my love is called a “Mother’s Days Out” disguised as a little girl’s party.” He leans in needing more; the HULK is starting to understand. I continue, “a group of moms get together for wine and beer while Lil Susie and friends eat cupcakes and ice cream.” The HULK likes this explanation and settles back in his chair. The fog is beginning to clear, while he peeps at the group of little people giggly and squealing.

20130711-203644.jpg courtesy of

Keeping with tradition, we order a gluten-free hummus plate (cucumbers, home-made hummus, gluten-free bread cut up in small triangles and a handful of Kalamata olives). Like tradition, I select The 2010 Spanish Quarter; my mouth waters just thinking about Spanish Quarter. A Chardonnay and Albariño blend with bold fruit and citrusy flavors and a slight nutty finish. DELICIOUS! The 2010 Spanish Quarter Cabernet Sauvignon and Tempranillo blend is equally delicious, which is why I had to purchase all the bottles (5) they had in stock. 😊



We eat, sip, converse and he pulls out a 10 pack of Alec Bradley cigars THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Now who’s squealing like a school girl. 😊



Visit Lilit Café at

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