Good Wine, Good Eats and Great Conversation!

2012 Apothic Dark, Limited Release

Apothic Dark - 2012Don’t you love the holidays.  A time where we find time to fit others into our busy schedule, travel many miles to be with family and friends… Well, today, I’m filled with mixed emotions; dinner was my idea and I’m nervous.  On top of it all, I pick the worst day of the week, a Friday; Friday traffic in the Washington DC area is HORRENDOUS!

I arrive thirty minutes late for dinner. The room is filled scent of cinnamon and cloves. The “Guest of Honor” greets me with open arms and kind words. Smiling, the Host, Guest of Honor and I share pleasantries.

I’m handed a glass of red wine, taking a quick sip to calm the nerves-there is a heavy metallic finish. I sniff and sip again, bewildered, I have thoughts of, “What is going on?  How long has this wine been breathing?” Lord, please don’t let “The Snob” rear her ugly head. TOO LATE! The mouth won the reasoning battle and the words are already flowing. “What is this? How long has this wine been breathing?” Words weren’t needed; my facial expression communicated my disgust, as I took another sip. My palate is sizzling as I swallow slowing.  Sniffing, my eyes peep over to the “Guest of Honor” who’s smiling, enjoying the performance. Shoot, I did it again!

Apologetically, I share that I’m picking up a strange wood aromas, similar to pine (face frowning recalling the experience) that is used in producing some Greek wines. The metal finish is so powering.  The “Guest of Honor” agrees and shares she also noticed the heavy metallic finish, while letting out a laugh at my attempt to cover-up the snobbish behavior.

The wonderful host, who is preparing an aromatic holiday dinner (filet mignon wrapped in bacon, grilled broccoli and spiced mashed sweet potatoes) holds up a bottle of Cabernet Franc and puzzled says, “I thought you like Cab Franc?”  “I like Pearmund Cellars and LaGrange’s Cabernet Franc” (Virginia Wineries), I explained”; typically, NO THANK YOU!

My glass is replaced with a 2012 Apothic Dark Limited Release, which the host just picked up at the supermarket. Thank goodness for 2012 Apothic Dark Limited Release. The wine has a dark rich color, fruit-forward, filled with blackberry and cocoa flavors with a long smooth finish. DELICIOUS! The Guest of Honor also trades in her glass of Cabernet Franc for Apothic Dark. This great supermarket find is a red wine blend of Syrah, Zinfandel and Merlot.

The wine and conversation are flowing.  A heart-felt suggestion turned into a fantastic evening of good wine, good eats and great conversation.

For more information on Apothic wines visit

You can also find 2012 Apothic Dark Limited Release at or go to for a local merchant. Average cost: $12

I wish everyone a Happy and Safe Holiday!



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