For the past few days, I’ve been searching for a 200+ words wine review on the NJ Harvest Festival. I know I wrote it or may I dreamt that I wrote the review; I’m not giving up.  In the meantime, I decided to share a review from the past. Enjoy!

courtesy of cellartracker.com

courtesy of cellartracker.com

Parados 2005 Malbec Mendoza – Argentina

The first time tasting this wine was at Paul’s Wine and Spirits “Spanish” tasting. I had to like it since I bought a bottle (not my typical 3) but we all know that we can get caught up in the excitement, which plays tricks on our palate and our inner naughty voice says “Yes, Yes, Yes, this is so good, I like it”! Well, your inner voice may not say that but mine does, in a whiny voice:). So, the mood is set; ready for the review.

The wine has a beautiful bright fuchsia color that wraps around the aerator. I swirl, the color is gorgeous! I sniff, eyes always closes while mind is working, “what do I notice? What is recognizable?” I sniff again, hmm..? The aroma is light, subtle. I can smell the freshness-air. The reason may be because I just took it out of the cooler (temp 56 degrees). I sip and immediately “OH!” Full flavors of plums, berries and with a slight taste of cocoa on the finish. I taste again, a very nice full-bodied wine with low acidity. It’s time to read the label and see how the winemaker describes the wine. Well, it states berries and black current and pairs well with red pasta, which is great; for breakfast/lunch, I’m having leftover gluten-free pasta with sausage, peppers, onion in a tomato base sauce.

Thanks Paul!

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