PART THREE – “6 for $60 Challenge, the Quest for Goodness”

It’s noticeable that I am getting tired of this challenge. My wine tasting notes are short-straight to the point. I’m so not in the mood for a mediocre wine. But, I must push forward and complete this experiment.

If you are new to my blog and have not read parts one and two of the challenge, I invite you to read the previous blogs for the background on the “6 for $60 Challenge, the Quest for Goodness.”

Following is a brief overview of the rules:

  • The cost is $10.00 or less,
  • The wine cannot be from the same vineyard,
  • It had to be a wine that I’ve never tasted and
  • No two wines could be of the same variety and same winery.

The wines that were chosen for the challenge are, as follows and was consumed in no particular order:


  • Rex-Goliath -Shiraz
  • HandCraft -Petit Syrah
  • Redwood Creek -Malbec
  • Dark Horse -Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Naked Grape -Pinot Noir
  • Jacob Creek -Shiraz & Cabernet Sauvignon

We are not at the fifth wine in the Quest for Goodness Challenge, which is a Redwood Creek, Malbec. I don’t know if I’m becoming numb from editing our next book project in “BookSmart”, Redwood Creek, Malbec is pleasurable and paired with a piece of sharp cheddar cheese is delightful.


Folks, a historical moment has occurred; I’m pretty sure this is the shortest wine review I’ve written. HOORAY! (If I’m getting tired of this quest, I can imagine how you’re feeling reading about mediocre wines (rolling eyes)).

LASTLY, wine number six, THE LAST WINE IN THE CHALLENGE! YAY!! I present you “Rex the Rooster”. No, the wine is not called “Rex the Rooster”, but it’s close: “Rex Goliath – The Giant 47 pound Rooster”. Okay, that is definitely a much grandeur name. ☺


Before, I discuss the tasting, time to research the origin of Rex Goliath-The Giant 47 pound Rooster.  

Per the website, Rex who is referred to “His Royal Majesty”, weighed 47 pounds hence the name Rex Goliath and was a popular circus attraction in Texas. The Rex Goliath wines are a tribute to the 47 pound rooster’s “larger-than-life personality”.

Rex Goliath Shiraz aromas are the most fragrant out of all the wines we’ve tasted in the challenge: BIG bouquet of dark cherries and plums. Fruit-forward flavors with a slight mineral on the finish and the tannins are absent, which is in proportion to the wine. Rex Goliath is a light-medium bodied red wine.

We are now on the fourth sip and we are enjoying and appreciating Rex. Rex has developed into a delicious wine with hint of spice and the tannins are evolving. Overall, Rex Goliath is Good.

Can you believe it? We saved the best for last! Rex is not bad. If I recall correctly, Rex was the cheapest wine. HA, GO FIGURE!

I would love to know if you conducted a similar quest and found GOODNESS. If so, please share. “That’s All Folks!”

Salute! Sante’!

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