VINOTERRA 2014 Rkatsiteli


A Georgian Orange Wine

I can not tell you how excited I am right now. So excited that I spilled a glass of wine, ORANGE WINE at that; trying to capture a picture. :/


Finally got my hands on a bottle of Georgian Orange Wine from my local Total Wines. Before I even share the vineyard information, I have to tell that I have NEVER EVER SMELLED ANYTHING LIKE Vinoterra 2014 Rkatsiteli – AMAZING!

As soon as I popped the cork, I am greeted with vibrant aromas that reminds me of a port, a liqueur; there’s honey and hints of licorice, not black licorice. The alcohol content appears to be high, but the bottle states it’s only 13%. The color is Orange, this is far from a Rose with hues of orange; this wine is Orange with Amber hues.

For some reason, I’m smiling, “I’m about to try my first authentic orange wine!” An orange wine fermented in clay vessels. I invite you to read my blog on “The Legendary Mr. David A. Harvey – ORIGINS OF MODERN USAGE OF ORANGE WINE“.

My palate is salivating; let’s begin!

Ok, a light-bodied, earthy, refreshing with a slight mineral and sweet tart flavors on the finish and soft tannins that slowly building then gracefully dissipates. Vinoterra Rkatsiteli your vibrant aromas and complex flavors have me intrigued – VERY TASTY!


Folks, an orange wine is far from a Rose. My blog “Orange Wine? that identifies Chrysalis Tximeleta as an orange wine NOT! Just a delicious Rose with light hues. 🙂

Vinoterra, you are my first and only, thus far, and you are GOOOD ; and no wonder….!

Vinoterra: A Leader in Qvevri Wine Making
Vinoterra is a Schuchmann Wine brand that is Georgia’s largest Qvevri wine producer. All Vinoterra wines utilize Qveveri, large clay jars buried underneath the ground, for fermentation maceration and aging. Started by famous Georgian wine Maker Gogi Dakishvili Vinoterra was one of the first commercial producers of Georgian qvevri wine on the international stage and has helped revive the industry. Since 2003 Vinoterra has been producing some of the highest quality and most appealing Georgian qvevri wines. Vinoterra’s whites are Amber or “Orange” wines since they all see close to 6 months of skin contact. Vinoterra produces three dry whites: Vinoterra Rkatsiteli, Vinoterra Mtsvane and Vinoterra Kisi. They also produce reds such as the Vinoterra Saperavi.

Wine & Spirits Magazine, 2011

The Vinoterra Rkatsiteli is a perfect intro into Georgian Amber qvevri wines. Vinoterra is now the largest qvevri producer after starting out as a family project in 2003. Wine Maker Gogi Dakishvili crafts this all natural wine with the western pallet in mind. His qvevri wines have all of the characteristics of authentic Georgian qvevri wine but with elevated acidity and more rounded tannin.” – (


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A typical Georgian wine cellar with the holes in the ground for the qvevri’s.

For more information or to locate a wine shop that sells Georgian Wine visit:, a wine and spirits importer.



Salute! Sante!

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