2014 Halos de Jupiter, Cotes du Rhone

Your Everyday Drinking Wine

I’m at Total Wines to pick-up a bottle of wine for a friend. My radar goes off and I spot a wine tasting. I do not know about you, but I can not pass-by a wine tasting.

I’m purchasing a wine for a friend, whose wine consumption consist only of Ménage à Trois. No disrespect intended, but to assist in broadening her wine experience, I’ve been introducing her to different vineyards and varieties.

Since she prefers red wine, I do not bother tasting the whites. The first of the two red wines is a 2013 Halos de Jupiter, Cotes du Rhone. A fruit-forward medium-bodied red wine, PERFECT! Well, it would have been perfect if they had the 2013 Jupiter in stock :/. I was assured the 2014 Jupiter was “just as good” (by the way, the sales clerk continued to pour the 2013 and no, I was not able to taste the 2014). So of course, I had to also purchase the 2014 Jupiter for myself; I can not gift a wine without knowing if the wine is any good (poor me :)).


2014 Halos de Jupiter, Cotes du Rhone posses a deep rich color with fruity, cherry and spicy aromas; fruit-forward, juicy cherry, raspberries flavors and a mild spice on the finish. A medium-bodied red wine blend with complexity. The 2014 Halos de Jupiter is 83% Grenache and 15% Syrah – VERY NICE!

Exactly what I had in mind, a good everyday drinking wine. YUP, the sale clerk was correct, the 2014 Jupiter is “just as good” as the 2013 Jupiter!

Food pairing: red and white meats: roasted chicken, pork, veal, and duck
Cost: $16.00


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