Reveal Time! – Pt. 2, The Revitalization of Tree

“Love yourself first and everything falls into line”

Lucille Ball

NOTE. If you have not read part one of “The Revitalization of Tree” STOP and go read; then come back and see how my journey ends.

Breast Reduction and Tummy Tuck at 55… YUPPER!

12/23/2020 – Exercise

I have graduated to every two weeks doctor visits; WOO-HOO! The hole in my left breast is closing and my surgeon projects it will be completely closed by the second week in January 2021. Also, I received clearance to exercise with no restrictions. I can not wait to receive my Peloton, on 1/13/2021. TODAY IS A GREAT DAY! 

12/27/2020 – Shapewear

I have spent hundreds of dollars on shapewear and hundreds of hours researching, trying to find the right compression garment that does not irritate my incisions or itch, which sends me in a frenzy. Today, the winner is SKIMS! YUP SKIMS!  At first touch, I was skeptical, but once I put it on, the material is smooth against my skin and gave me just enough compression around my stomach and breast. Plus, I do not have to worry about lines around my thighs appearing in my clothing. The compression garment given by my surgeon, show marks under my clothes. I’m not even going to mention the hunt for the perfect bra. For now, I’m wearing bralettes, which I have not worn since the fourth grade.


Left: Design Veronique-black ; Middle: Plastic surgeon’s garment; Right: Skims

What in the World!

My granddaughter, who lives in Texas, surprised me and the girls with this thoughtful recovery kit; It warmed our hearts. ♥️

12/30/2020 – REVEAL TIME! 

Today marks three months from my mommy makeover. HOORAY! I am walking, standing tall and exercising! I feel GREAT! 💃🏽 This transformation, this journey was not just about me, it was about my girls too. 

Quote from my girls: “I never thought this day would come.” 

Reveal – 4 months Recovery. I do not own the rights to this song. Artist: San Holo – Light.

By the way, I do not know where all this booty came from; pretty sure my plastic surgeon did a booty lift. 😬

My daughters have been great caregivers. Now, we can laugh about the experience, but it was far from funny, at the time. A month after surgery, my girls shared some of their scary moments. I had surgeries before, but this was the first time they had to take care of me hundred percent. The first two nights brought them to tears. I was so drugged up on meds and anesthesia that I was incoherent and had difficulty walking, doing everything and had no appetite; all I did was sleep.

They doubted themselves and was tempted to call the doctor’s office for an in-house nurse. Hearing their stories brought tears to my eyes. I’m the mom and suppose to take care of them not the other way around. 

Necrosis or not, do I have regrets? NO! However, do not ask me for my opinion on whether or not you should get a “mommy makeover.” My response will not be pretty; I will give you the hard truth! 

First, get off your azz and workout! STOP THE EXCUSES!! I wish I was harder on myself and changed my lifestyle habits.  However, if you have loose skin from losing weight or from pregnancy, DO IT while you are young. 

Advice: Make sure the person who will be taking care of you, after your surgery, has lots of patience and willing to do the “Dirty Truths.” My girls are traumatized. Just kidding, a little traumatized. 😬

1/26/2021 – The Rick and Morty Show

The leakage from my left breast has hundred percent stopped. I “attempted” to run my finger over my nipple, I just couldn’t do it; freaked me out too much. 😖 But, taking a very close look, which I really have not done, it looks like the hole is completely closed and I have a scab.  Four months after my surgery, my breast no longer look like a creature is trying to crawl out; OK, that was a weird analogy.😜 The cause of this warp thought is contributed to the viewing an episode of “Rick and Morty” that I was watching with my daughter. Come to think of it, a portion of the show does fit my situation. Rick and Morty escaped through a hole in Santa’s nipple. 😂 It’s funny now, it wasn’t funny when I was watching. I found out the episode is titled “Anatomy Park” (first season, third episode).


☹️ My sternum is swollen and painful to the touch. Exercise the doctor’s said; exercise will help reduce swelling. So, I exercised. You know those exercise posters you see on Pinterest to flatten your tummy, yoga stretches and doctors providing advise on what exercises are best after a tummy tuck. Well, when they say consult with your physician, CONSULT WITH YOUR PHYSICIAN before attempting any exercises, especially after surgery. I was not told I had restrictions; well, I had restrictions! The nurse informed me during the tummy tuck surgery my stomach muscles have been tighten to their max. Due to the swelling, they are not visible.  As a result, I am applying heat, taking Advil and trying not to feel sorry for myself. ☹️

03/3/21 – No more scabs!

My left breast is completely healed and there are no more scabs. YAAY! My surgeon said everything looks good and to keep applying scar scream on my breasts and tummy. Then he said, “In a year and half, you’ll be 100% and see the desired result”. 😮 Did he just add on six months? 😆😆 LAWD JEZUZ!  At this point, all I can do is laugh and continue on my path to recovery. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention your breasts will be stiff for a good while. 😜


The Best response I received since my surgery, “So, what does it feel like to be a part of the “little bitty-titty club?” From a fellow big breasted woman. 😂

The Worst comment I received was at my six month mark (for me four months), “You need to do sit-ups or wear a girdle or something.” 😮

Please do not make a judgmental comment (I don’t care if your intentions are out of care or innocent) to a person who had a tummy tuck or any body surgery. It takes approximately a year for many women to see ultimate results. For me, due to my “delayed healing”, my surgeon told me in one and half years I will be at my prime. I’m so looking forward to a flat stomach and no more stiff hard boobies.😬 Yes, six months (technically) after surgery, my results shocked me; shoot this entire recovery has been a shock! I thought I would wake-up from surgery rocking a J-Lo body. 😂. I have no regrets, I feel great and no longer have back or neck pain; so Mama is GREAT! 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽


My experience is not typical. My surgeon and I feel my results and recovery would have been more positive if I did not have my medical conditions. I’m being very open about my experience because I want you to be aware of what could happen, save you time researching, reading through medical journals (-link to journal on NIH site) and hopefully decrease your worry.

See I kept my promise, this blog is much shorter than part 1 and part 3 will be posted in March 2022. 😬 Thank you for reading and I hope this was helpful.

Take Care and Remember to do What Brings You Joy! 🥰🌸

Location: Puerto Rico. Cover-up came off only when I was sitting down. 😜

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