Robin K and Ryan

2010 Robin K Pinot Noir Image

Goodness, it’s been awhile since I sat down and wrote a full wine review.  Usually, its me tweeting some quick facts on delicious and/or mediocre wine.

So after a horrible storm that resulted in the largest DMV outage ever, over 2 million people with out power.  Thank you Jesus that we got powered restored. I didn’t have any trees down like my neighbors; just a couple chairs in the pool and the basketball court fell over and broke.

Ok, just got distracted watching Ryan Gosling in “Crazy Stupid Love”  get slobbed down by Steve Catral daughter.  WOWZER this boy is hot! His role is more   enjoyable than “Lars and the Real Girl”, which was disturbing.

Back to the wine review, just took another sip. Dang! This wine is delicious. Ok, pause DANG! He just took off his shirt. “Girl: “Fuck!, Seriously, it looks like you’ve been photo shop”.  Then she grabs his crotch. Ladies and Gents 🙂 you got to see this movie, just to look at Ryan Gosling. WHEW!

SHIT! He just did the “Dirty Dancing” move, caught her in the air and slowing brought her down against his tight body. DAMN!  I apologize for the cussing but you have to see what i’m seeing.

Promise, I will stay focused. Okay, Robin K Pinot Noir, sweet cherry aromas,  garnet color, thin. My mind is racing with thoughts of “go ahead and taste”. But I wait. The anticipation is building, which makes the experience more pleasurable.

The first time I had this wine.. (My alter ego Gia, is losing it. “You got to be kidding me. You’re writing a review.” LOL).

My head is down and the aromas float in the air (inhale). My mouth waters. As I was saying, the first time that I had this wine was at SAX’s. Washington, DC. Very classy place. I reach for the glass, mouth waters, TASTE– starts off medium then grows… fills the moth with delicious fruit flavors, slight smoky flavor. 2nd sip, so much better! My tongue runs across my lips, hmmm…

OMG! I paired the wine with a piece of Dove dark chocolate, my mouth is in heaven. Folks, this is a must try!


Where can you find it? Paul’s Wine & Spirit, Wisconsin Ave. DC – $19.99

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