Hello World!

Hello World!

It has been brought to my attention that I’m using Twitter as a blog. Therefore, I’ve taken the advice from my friends and started a blog.

I will warn you now, I love to talk! Wine is my passion. My future goal is to become a CWS – Certified Wine Specialist. I’m a cigar novice; woman who smoke cigars are sexy and the men who love them are sexier 😉

You can expect to hear about wine, cigars, and relationships.  Also, you will be graced with the antics of #BlackLucy. You will soon understand why the name was given.

My significant other aka “The Professional” aka “Modern-day Hemingway” is a cigar aficionado. I foresee that we will be graced with his cigar reviews and tips.

With that being said, my intent is to entertain, share and sometimes empower you.


Treevinos, “Amore Vita”

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