It’s Just the Little Things!

It’s Friday, 9:50pm, I’m at The Professional’s place.  While he’s out,  I’m relaxing and listening to Dr. Jenn Bermann Love and Sex Show on Cosmo SiriusXM radio. Dr. Jenn is a psychotherapist with an expertise on marriage, family and children. She gives great advice on all areas of life, not just love and sex. A lady called seeking advice on how toContinue reading “It’s Just the Little Things!”

17-Days Diet Challenge – CRAVINGS!

I want to apologize for the long delay in blogging. I don’t sit down at the laptop often and WordPress can’t seem to get their iPad app to successfully load pictures. 8/16/12 – I write this update with a full stomach from a slice of slice of delicious mouth watering cheese pizza. Now, i’m enjoying a cupContinue reading “17-Days Diet Challenge – CRAVINGS!”

17 Days Diet Challenge – “Hello Lucy”

Today, 8/1/12 (Day 7) –  ALLEUIAH, THE HUNGER PAINS HAVE SUBSIDED! I no longer have sugar cravings. I have completing converted to Truivia, which is ten times better and sweeter than Purevia. I have to admit that I did not eliminate coffee as instructed in the Challenge. I decreased the coffee from three 16 ounces to one 16 ounceContinue reading “17 Days Diet Challenge – “Hello Lucy””

17 Days Diet Challenge – Days 1-3 “BRUTAL!”

Day 1– this is my first day on the 17 Days Diet Challenge. I went to the grocery store and stocked up on fruit and vegetables, mushrooms, brocolli, celery, tomatoes, onions, carrots and lettuce. I hope my vegetable soup taste as good as it looks. For lunch I had the most tasteless salad I everContinue reading “17 Days Diet Challenge – Days 1-3 “BRUTAL!””

17 Days Diet Challenge – “A Road to a Healthy Happy Me!”

The 17 Days Diet Challenge states that I will lose 10-12 lbs. Yes, I heard this before with Atkins then South Beach. I know folks who have lost 10-14 lbs on these programs.  Due to my roller coaster thyroid that requires my medication to change every three months and a stressful toxic relationship, I haven’tContinue reading “17 Days Diet Challenge – “A Road to a Healthy Happy Me!””

Men’s Ten Biggest Complaints About Women

Men’s Ten Biggest Complaints About Women It’s Saturday morning, we’re cuddled up and relaxing. There’s no need to rush out the door because the storm has knocked out power in the DC, MD and VA (DMV) area. There’s no power but thank heaven for Smartphones and tablets.  So, the electronic devices get pulled out. TheContinue reading “Men’s Ten Biggest Complaints About Women”