Announcing Our New Book – “The Puros Diary vol.1”

  Challenges of the Self-Publishing The self-publishing process to release an affordable and quality product has been daunting. Without a major publishing company to cover sales, printing and marketing expenses, which are outrageous, prevents an author to release a product at large volume and for a reasonable sale price. Even though troublesome and days ofContinue reading “Announcing Our New Book – “The Puros Diary vol.1””

Potomac Point Winery & Vineyard

Hidden Jewel with a Female Touch It was love at first. Years ago, I discovered this hidden jewel buried deep in the back, against the wall at the massive Dulles Expo Center, VA. Our location was up front and center. Prime location, only for the elite vineyards or for those who could afford or influential and that indeedContinue reading “Potomac Point Winery & Vineyard”

Klinker Brick Zinfandel

Happy National Wine Day! In celebration of National Wine Day & Presidents’ Day, we took a drive to our favorite wine shop; Paul’s Wines & Spirit’s, 5205 Wisconsin Ave. Washington, DC 20015, (202) 537-1900, We’re scanning the shelves looking for a Zinfandel; reminiscing over the wines that are no longer available. For example, CatamongsthePigeons,Continue reading “Klinker Brick Zinfandel”

A San Diego Adventure – “The Hunt for Churchill Wine & Cigar Lounge”

In San Diego, CA on a business trip, I finally get a chance to venture out. It took me 3 days to adjust to the change in time zones and tomorrow, I return back to the east coast. I’m a little nervous about taking the trolley downtown by myself. I put on my big girlContinue reading “A San Diego Adventure – “The Hunt for Churchill Wine & Cigar Lounge””

A cheap cigar worth the fuss! – GARCIA Y VEGA 1882

GARCIA Y VEGA 1882 – SWEET AROMATIC CIGAR One of the many joys of life is treating my humidor, man-made humi-paks and organizing my cigars. Some with green foam moistened with distilled water and others with the great humi-pak that lasts up to 90 days; just soak the blue gel pack in distilled water for a 10-15 secondsContinue reading “A cheap cigar worth the fuss! – GARCIA Y VEGA 1882”

It’s Just the Little Things!

It’s Friday, 9:50pm, I’m at The Professional’s place.  While he’s out,  I’m relaxing and listening to Dr. Jenn Bermann Love and Sex Show on Cosmo SiriusXM radio. Dr. Jenn is a psychotherapist with an expertise on marriage, family and children. She gives great advice on all areas of life, not just love and sex. A lady called seeking advice on how toContinue reading “It’s Just the Little Things!”