Lip-licking and Nakedness

PART ONE – Naked Mountain Winery Even though the New Jersey Harvest Wine Festival was cancelled, due to Hurricane Sandy, I still dragged, well there wasn’t any dragging. Before I continue, let me just say that it is marvelous to have a significant other who shares my passions. Now back to the review; while trekkingContinue reading “Lip-licking and Nakedness”

A cheap cigar worth the fuss! – GARCIA Y VEGA 1882

GARCIA Y VEGA 1882 – SWEET AROMATIC CIGAR One of the many joys of life is treating my humidor, man-made humi-paks and organizing my cigars. Some with green foam moistened with distilled water and others with the great humi-pak that lasts up to 90 days; just soak the blue gel pack in distilled water for a 10-15 secondsContinue reading “A cheap cigar worth the fuss! – GARCIA Y VEGA 1882”