A cheap cigar worth the fuss! – GARCIA Y VEGA 1882


One of the many joys of life is treating my humidor, man-made humi-paks and organizing my cigars. Some with green foam moistened with distilled water and others with the great humi-pak that lasts up to 90 days; just soak the blue gel pack in distilled water for a 10-15 seconds and your humi-pak is good to go. Tips taught by the wonderful “Professional” ❤. The big treat is when “The Professional” gifts cigars to the soldiers or friends; his second-rated are many top rated cigars, including MUAH! “Hand them over Baby!” 🙂

2009 and 2010, I had the pleasure of attending Famous Smoke Shop cigar festival. I received so much “swag” it’s ridiculous! AVO, PERDOMO, ALEC BRADLEY, Flor de Gonzalez… (Just a tiny sampling). I still have cigars from the festival.

All the cigars are laid out and the order begins with cigars that need to smoke first. I don’t recognize many of the brands and the internet review was mediocre so they go in a baggie (humi-pak). While sorting, I start to reminisce:

In the bottom of the barrel (humi-pak) was this pretty blue tube with a brunette smoking a cigar. I don’t let the chic in me make the decision based on appearance but I am intrigued. I take the cigar out expecting to find a dry, crackly wrapper (this cigar is at least two years old and has not been out of the tube). NOPE! Color is slightly green, “is it bad?” Sniff, (just like wine, it goes through the senses test), Oh?! This is a surprise; sweet aromas. “Brunette in the blue tube, you will be tasted today.” She’s placed in the traveling humi.

The Professional and I are at Potomac Point Winery on Humidor Hill. I pull out my odd color cigar with the light sweet scent. I place her to my lips, light, “Oh my, this is very nice!” She’s soft, mild, with just a hint of flavor, the aromas are pleasant. The taste isn’t sugary or heavy; enjoyable (nodding).

From the group next to us, we hear a female says, “How come your cigar doesn’t smells like hers?” and “I will try a cigar that smells like hers.” I remember those days of only smoking flavored cigars’ and trading Perdomo Lot 23 for Acid Kuba Kuba (Shaking My Head). Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with Acids. The point being made is, just like wine, beginners typically start off with enjoying the sweet flavors until their palate matures. I still enjoy my Kuba Kuba here and there and for dessertJ. So, I just smile and enjoy the company, scenery and this mild aromatic cigar that has become the center of attention.

Months later, the memory of the brunette on the blue tube lingers. I search through labels, no luck; by the way, an image of a brunette on a cigar band is not an anomaly. I even thought about searching for blue tubes with a lady on the internet O_O.   Then ah-ha! I took a picture and there it was, in my phone, Garcia Y Vega. A smile forms, “THANK GOODNESS!” (Exhale)

The mysterious lady has been found:

“Since 1882, Garcia Y Vega Gran Coronas Tubes Claro cigars have promised consistently smooth, mild taste in every cigar they make. Garcia Y Vega cigars use carefully aged filler tobaccos and choice natural leaf wrappers to assure a cigar that’s always flavorful and aromatic. Available in a wide choice of sizes and natural leaf wrappers, these very popular cigars offer you a satisfying ‘everyday’ smoke at convenience store prices…” Retail Price: $57.99 box of 30, Famous Smoke cost: $48.99.

A mild cigar with just a hint of flavor; YUP! All this fuss for a cheap cigar 🙂


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