17 Days Diet Challenge – “A Road to a Healthy Happy Me!”

The 17 Days Diet Challenge states that I will lose 10-12 lbs. Yes, I heard this before with Atkins then South Beach. I know folks who have lost 10-14 lbs on these programs.  Due to my roller coaster thyroid that requires my medication to change every three months and a stressful toxic relationship, I haven’t had such luck. HOWEVER, this year is my year! I got rid of the toxic relationship and NOW, I’m on a path to a “healthy happy me!”

Doing this Challenge goes hand and hand with my office fitness challenge, which my weight has been a yo-yo. I contribute my 3lbs weight gain from April to now to living a happy, stress free, indulgence lifestyle with my newly found-rediscovered LOVE OF MY LIFE, “The Professional.”

We have been exploring some wonderful restaurants, cafes and wineries that consisted of consuming lots of delicious wine, cheeses and bread. 🙂

You may ask, then why are you doing it? Well, a colleague is struggling with sticking to a “healthy eating plan” (staying away from the taboo word “diet”), which many females can relate. I will give weekly updates; unless, I really fall off the wagon. NO NEGATIVE THINKING!

I will admit, as soon as I’m told that I can’t have something, I crave it.  I don’t eat a lot of meat. I call myself a lazy eater, meat = too much chewing. 🙂  When I read the book “Skinny Bitch” and they said meat is bad, no meat, I CRAVED meat. GO FIGURE…. LOL

What is the 17 Days Diet Challenge? The 17 Days Diet Challenge is and I quote: ” the diet is designed to produce quick results, not because it starves you down to size but because it’s carefully designed balance of food and exercise adjusts your body metabolically so that you burn fat, day in and day out…”

Again, we all heard this before and still I agreed to do this “change in eating” plan. Even though it’s the middle of summer and there are so many vineyards I haven’t visited. :/

So, I immediately told The Professional:

Me: I can’t have wine. I’m doing a 17 Days Diet Challenge (I explained the Challenge).
Him: Holy, Moly! I need to find someone to drink with.
Him: Since, you can have fruit, grapes make juice; therefore, you can have wine.
Me: No, I can’t have grape juice; there’s too much sugar.
Him: Then drink a dry Bordeaux. LOL

Go to: http://www.webmd.com/diet/features/17-day-diet-review for a review on the 17 Days Diet Challenge.

Here we go… Stay tune!

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