17 Days Diet Challenge – Days 1-3 “BRUTAL!”

Day 1– this is my first day on the 17 Days Diet Challenge. I went to the grocery store and stocked up on fruit and vegetables, mushrooms, brocolli, celery, tomatoes, onions, carrots and lettuce. I hope my vegetable soup taste as good as it looks.

For lunch I had the most tasteless salad I ever ate. The romaine lettuce taste like leaves off a tree. Romaine lettuce, tomatoes and mushrooms (forgot the onion); topped with a half cup of grilled chicken BLAH! :p I ate it anyway because I was starving. I should have just had water and tomatoes.

SNACK TIME- Thank heaven for this water, the apple and the very ripe roma tomatoes. Eating fresh tomatoes reminds of my childhood eating big juicy tomatoes and sneaking a little bit salt. Mmmmm, the juice running down my hand. For some reason Mama only allowed us to eat tomatoes. Next time, I’m buying fresh spinach, mixing with iceberg lettuce and a bunch of ripe tomatoes.

YES! My soup is DELICIOUS! The garlic and Goya seasoning was a great addition. THANK GOODNESS! I’M SO HUNGRY!

Eating plain tuna is DISGUSTING! I put the tuna on a salad and drizzled zesty Italian dressing. I’m cheating but just a little ☺.

It’s 7pm, no more eating. Just water and green tea.. 🙂 🙂 I need to read to stay motivated.

I cant wait for bedtime.

Day 2 – Driving to Beaufort, SC to take mom home was brutal. I ate 3 servings of fruit; I’m only allowed 2 servings a day. Shoot! Driving on the road surrounded by fast food, I DID GOOD!

Later, I became sick to my stomach. Sister-dear colorfully said, “that’s from eating too many damn carrots. You ain’t no rabbit!” ROFL

For dinner I had grilled chicken and green beans. It felt like I was eating the best meal I ever tasted; I felt so satisfied. I realize now that I have to eat protein to satisfy my hunger.

I received a message from “Challenge” partner who shared that she fell off the wagon and ate pizza last night. YIKES!

Day 3 – I cheated on dinner and that’s all I’m saying. I’ll get back on the bandwagon tomorrow. “Challenge” partner is struggling. She ate McDonalds. It’s just as gross as what I did. Family was going crazy over Sonic burger during lunch. Therefore, I had to try it for dinner, DISGUSTING! So not worth the cheating… 🙂 🙂 Now, I feel like crap!

I can’t wait to get home, back to normalcy. GOODNIGHT.

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