Red Wine, Is It Really Good For You??

Red Wine, Is It Really Good For You??

First, let me say that I’m sure there is research that counters Dr. Joseph’s research. I rather not discuss that since it doesn’t fit my agenda, which is expressing my love for red wine. I’m talking about the full-bodied, firm tannins red wine. 🙂

Resveratrol , the ingredient found in red wine, which can be found packaged on its own, is said to be good for the heart.

“Antioxidants in red wine called polyphenols may help protect the lining of blood vessels in your heart. A polyphenol called resveratrol is one substance in red wine that’s gotten attention.” (

If you want to gain the benefits of red wine without the alcohol, try resveratrol or Grape Seed supplements or oils. Also, eating grapes or drinking grape juices are ways to get resveratrol.

I have not tried resveratrol or Grape Seed supplements/oils. I prefer to get my antioxidants straight from the source, drinking red wine :).

Folks is you want to gain the benefits from red wine, you have to consume tannic red wine. Tannins comes from the skins of the grapes.

As Dr. Joseph stated in the video, what’s most important is a heart healthy life, weight control and exercise. Work with your medical professional to identify your risk factors.

Remember, red wine, IN MODERATION, is good!



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