2008 Shaya Verdejo Old Vines

2008 Shaya Verdejo Old Vines

I opened a bottle of Shaya Verdejo. Out of habit, I examine the cork and see tartrates.  I’ve seen this with red wine, a first with white wine.

If you see crystallization on the cork and/or around the opening of the bottle, it doesn’t mean the wine is bad. SO DON’T POUR IT OUT! It’s a natural crystallization that forms in the wine that is caused by a change in temperature.

I’m not surprise that tartrates formed in this bottle.  The wine was stored in a case that has been moved many times from the garage cellar to the laundry room cellar, which is utilized during the summer. Yup, I have your modern day cellars ;).

The first time I had or heard of Verdejo, it was produced by Chrysalis Vineyards.  It took everything inside me to talk up this dry, pale “Did I miss something” wine. We describe it as “star fruit” then the customer gave us that questionable look of  “what?”  Yes, star fruit. It’s similar to honeydew melon, NOT!

This Shaya Verdejo, I have before me is filled with wonderful fruity aromas and lemon escapes the glass. Mmm… citrus and pineapple flavors.  CRISP REFRESHING!

OH MY! My tongue keeps running across my bottom lip… This is Marvelous! It’s a shame I’m enjoying this wine alone. Inhale… I smell hints of vanilla. Another taste, full fruit flavors with a long finish.

I take back every frown I gave at the sound of Verdejo! This wine is far from pale!

What is star fruit? I had to research on the net and found “Star fruit is often described as a cross between an apple and citrus or pineapple. Generally it is a mildly sweet tart flavor. There are different varieties, some more sweet, but in general be prepared for a tart undertone, think sweet lemon..”

WOW! A perfect description of this Verdejo! I love describing the flavors of wine then checking the label or winemakers’s notes to see if I’m on target.

The Australians have done it right!

Go outside your norm, instead of Chardonnay, pick up a bottle of Shaya Verdejo. (I hope they are still producing this varietal).


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