Wine… For When Precious Moments Aren’t So Precious

Since my right hand is in a splint, I decided to share a review from 11-11-10.

Balgownie Estate Cab Sauvignon, Australian

Typically, I don’t taste a wine for the first time feeling stressed and disappointed.  This horrible mood is due to my tween’s behavior. Inhale.. Exhale… I’m trying to calm myself and all I could think of “Goodness, I need a drink”.

So, I check under the kitchen sink (Mother’s hiding spot). Yes, we mothers have hiding spots for when life precious moments aren’t so precious ;).  Charlotte in the Sex of the City 2 movie had a pantry to hide away, just for a moment, from her precious jewels. The kitchen floor is filled with cleaning supplies, garden feed and “vases” why do I have so many vases??? (Shaking my head) Oh, I remember…beautiful roses that were given by “The Professional” (reminiscing) ;).

Back to reality, of course there’s nothing stronger than wine in this house. I trek downstairs and pull out a Balgownie Estate Cabernet Sauvignon, an Australian Cab.

Slow deep breaths, bent over the kitchen counter, I’m pouring, my mind is filled with thoughts of “your mood is too funky to give a proper tasting” and “You’re wasting this wine”.  I continue….Body straightens up, my eyes widen, on alert.

Goodness, the color is black!

Wonderful aromas greet me before I place my nose deep in the glass. A slight smile crosses my face. I love tasting a wine for the first time; it’s exciting! I feel my body relaxing, smile is growing. All of my senses are sitting on the edge with anticipation.  Nose deep in the glass, slight hint of chocolate, hint of pepper on the nose.

My mouth waters, ready to taste – very soft on the palate, not a bold Cabernet. A nice full-medium bodied red wine. Second sip, woodsy; my tongue runs across my bottom lip. I like this Australian wine very much!

Why should I be surprise, this is from my Wine Styles monthly club shipment.  A MUST TRY!

By the way, Mama isn’t feeling “funky” anymore ;).


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