My wrist hasn’t gotten better, it’s swelling. I’m trying to limit my typing and texting, but the voice recorder isn’t much help, it needs auto correct. I definitely need to invest in a dictation app. So, with that being said, following is another review that was previously written.  Enjoy!

2010 Cardinal Zin Beastly Old Vines    

I’m a Zin lover and love trying Zins’.  Of course, it was hard to walk pass Big House eye-catching label.  I have enjoyed Big House wines before; therefore, I had to try their Zin.  Screw top, YES, perfect for the lazy wine lover and for outdoor entertaining.

Here it goes… I’m excited. It’s Football Sunday and I have a taste for a dark rich beer.  Yes, I do have a taste for a beer once in awhile. My favorite beer is Dogfish Head and Old Dominion. For some reason, I can smell a Corona with lime; must be close byJ.

I pour, excitement deflated. Wine is thin, watery. A slight frown crosses my face.  My thoughts immediately go to “I’ve should have gone with the first pick, which was Los Rocas Garnache. But, no, I wanted to try something new.

Okay, Tresa stop being a snob, you haven’t taste it. (Yes, I talk to myself, perfectly normalJ). I continue to pour using an aerator, “Goodness, this wine looks diluted”… frown reappears.

Anticipation is building, spicy peppery aromas, searching for fruit… deeper sniff, lots of spices with a slight prune aromas. Okay, this has me intrigued; time for the treat… Sip

Mmmm…moaning… Mmmm… (eyes closed, head moving side to side) I like it! Full fruit flavors and spices explode in my mouth, coating my palate. It has me quenching my jaw. My mouth is watering, wanting a second sip.

WOW, the appearance SUCKS, but this wine hits the mark! The second sip is just as good as the first.   A very good medium-full bodied Zin.

BIG HOUSE good job!



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